Beach Bunting: adding beads and shells

Inspired by Attic24’s Dune Blanket.

knitted bunting

I used:

Beading Needle

Silamide waxed nylon beadstring

Seed beads: here is a link to some similar to the ones I used.

Swarovski crystals:  I used 3mm bicone clear AB crystals, although I’m not sure where you can get them from nowadays

Semi-precious gem stones

shells and beads

and some shells with holes in them – gathered from the beach.

Put a knot in the end of the beadstring and attach to the bottom of the triangle at the back, sew a knot by taking the needle through a loop and exit at the very tip.

Add a crystal, a bead or semi-precious stone, a crystal and a seed bead, then take the thread through the hole in the shell

attaching shells to bunting

and back up through the beads and crystals and into the point of the bunting triangle.

Fasten off at the back

And there you have it! Some seaside bunting

seaside baby bunting

Inspired by Attic24’s Dune Blanket

Dune Blanket Bunting

Find the pattern for the Triangles here.


The photo tutorial for making the triangles into bunting here.

Let me know if you have a go at making some Beachy Bunting, I’d love to know how you get on.


32 responses to “Beach Bunting: adding beads and shells

  1. Definitely a unique lining up, Daffodil. Thanks for playing along.

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  2. If our beach cottage was still operational I would be making this bunting – it is delightful – maybe I will make some ready for when it is restored.

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  3. I love bunting and this is one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen.

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  4. I love that. The beads and shells really take it to another level.

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  5. I love the colors and the use of seashells (even if I couldn’t knit or crochet anything if my life depended on it)!

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    Very pretty

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  7. That is a most unusual, yet perfect finish. I was having trouble with how the beads would work, (no bead sense, here) and this is beyond anything I could dream up. Just perfect!

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  8. Where are you going to display this little piece of loveliness?

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    • I have been wondering the same thing myself.
      I will first of all hang it up when I meet up with fellow Dorset Attic24 fans on 23rd June. We met to crochet the Sweet Pea Blanket together and now we are meeting to share our Dune blanket makes.
      After that I’m not sure.
      I might save it for when one of my nieces or nephews has a baby, all 5 of them are in their 20s and 30s – it can’t be too long til one of them has a baby.

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  9. Really pretty! Just all the perfect details . . .

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  10. Excellent final touches – it looks beautiful!

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  11. This is so pretty.

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  14. This bunting just got better, if that were possible!

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