Early Evening Birdsong

The birds sound so happy this evening.

I just love seeing how this border is developing.

You can read more about what it used to be like here.

Oooh – edit – I’ve just looked back at how the border was on 8th May – so good to see how everything has grown.

27 responses to “Early Evening Birdsong

  1. That is so pretty to listen to! And the plants are growing so well!
    Here in the Woods (northern Minnesota) this time of year the birds are so full of song as soon as the sun rises! I could sit in the yard and do a bird count of dozens of species if the mosquitoes weren’t so plentiful!! :o)

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    • The Dawn Chorus! Yes, so beautiful. I hope you can still see you birds from your windows, they are such a joy aren’t they. They need to eat more mozzies!
      How many weeks are the mosquitoes a bother?


      • This year I actually had to buy netting for my bed! (Amazon delivers to the woods now!!! or drops it 8 miles away at the post office.) I feel so sad for my boys and daughter Mercy who can’t swat them. They look like they have chicken pox even with bug spray! Usually the mosquitoes die down around late August IF we are lucky. Some years they dwindle into September. This year our normally wet ground is very wet and they are hatching like crazy. Small rivers behind us are overflowing. Not sure if the Beaver dam is helping us or not! :o) I personally love the wetlands, we have bog for miles near by. But oh the mosquitoes!
        What are they like where you are?

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        • You speak of such a different world to the one I live in. I just love how we can share these day to day stories with each other. We have very few mosquitoes here where I live – but they are a real problem for people who live in Scotland.
          I can’t remember beng bitten by a mozzie here in Dorset – but right now there seems to be a plague of ticks – the little blighters!


          • ugh! ticks- we have lots of those too!! Way too many! They used to be out early spring to early fall, now they are around way into late fall.
            It is truly a gift that we can learn from each other thru the internet. I wish you could see my teenagers and husband ooh and aah over your photos with me! LOL! As they come in and out from chores I say “Look!! Isn’t this beautiful! Isn’t this amazing!” ;o)

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  2. Lovely to see and hear!

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  3. It’s glorious and the birds and bees think so too.

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  4. Deborah O'Brien

    Utterly delightful! Do I see those large poppies in your border? May I be cheeky and beg a seed head for my Friendship Garden? I seem to have lost all of my poppies except my Orientals.

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    • You certainly can Deb. I had very few opium poppies last year, but scattered seed madly and this year is looking better. I love the idea of your Friendship Garden – I have lots of plants that remind me of friends too. You are welcome to some of the purple irises too as they will need dividing to keep them flowering so well.

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  5. Now you’ve obviously finished all your weeding, do you think you could pop over to S.W. France and help me with mine? 😄

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  6. Lovely – so much wonderful colour! 🙂

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  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    I could see and hear your video just fine. I love hearing the bird calls. I could even hear bees buzzing. Your border is gorgeous. When it fills in it will be phenomenal.

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    • I’m glad you could play the video and I’m so glad you could hear the bees buzzing, I was wondering if I should suggest turning the sound up to hear them.
      I just love how there are small changes each day as the patches of soil on show are getting smaller, such a joy to walk by each morning and evening seeing each plant growing and maturing.


  8. I just came back for a second try and all is well – it’s lovely both visually and aurally xo

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  9. It wouldn’t play for me Sandra 😦

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