Amber Skies by Aaran Daniel

Do you remember last year when my nephew and his friends were on the Mongo Rally and wrote a song for me?

Well Aaran who put it all together has a new song just out: Amber Skies


I think it is beautiful.

And if you want to see and hear the song written for me – I’m known as Dondi by my nieces and nephews – here it is again – earworm alert!

11 responses to “Amber Skies by Aaran Daniel

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  2. that was a lovely musical start to my day!
    love the Mongol Rally song!

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  3. I came back to this as I didn’t have time to listen but your Dondi song seems to have gone missing from the post. It was there yesterday. Or is it just me?

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  4. How many songs these days have references to Imodium in! Ha ha….great to have you ‘own’ song x

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  5. Oh yes! I remember the Dondi song.Its so much fun! I love this new song- oh to be young again! ;o) Aaran is quite the handsome young man!

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  6. ‘Singing this song for Dondi’ is so much fun! Very catchy, I’m guessing that little chorus is going to be going round and round in my head for a bit! And the first song is beautiful. Moody and thoughtful. I’ve saved it to my YT play later list as well.

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