Wordless Wednesday: Evening Walk



Glimpses from my walk yesterday evening.

Turn the sound right up to hear the birds and the bees.

32 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Evening Walk

  1. Beautiful country you walk in, Sandra! I am sitting sipping coffee and watching all your videos from this week!

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  2. Oooh! Deb’s comment!! I wonder if that is how they write Midsummer Murders! Using the scenery like that! Fascinating! To me it looks too idyllic to be frightening!
    Loved the videos! What is the ground cover on the second one? Is it natural or invasive? In the woods here our lawn has creeping charlie which I loved as a kid, cute flowers and leaves, but as adult I fight it taking over the “grass”! The woods here has similar to grass plants that are more stiff.

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    • I’m catching up with our various conversations – oh how I would love to pop in and sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and chat about all these things – and in a way, that is what it feels like we are doing! Hug! Hello! Sit down, I’ll put the kettle on.
      I looked up Creeping Charlie, and I think I have that in my garden, but it is easy to pull up and is not invasive. The ground cover in the woods in the video is ivy, not too invasive, but has to be managed in a garden. The bluebells still grow through it happily, as well as some daffodils. Ivy is a great source of cover and food for all sorts of wildlife so I like it and leave it where I can.


      • I so agree! I feel like we are all sharing in beautiful conversation! I love reading the comments! The ladies are so lovely! And you are so gracious to host us!
        Ivy? How beautiful! Do you know the Latin name of the variety? I’d love to try some!
        Yes creeping charlie is easy to pull up unless it spreads across a several acre lawn!!!!! And it kills grass.


        • I lifted this from a website http://www.woodlands.co.uk
          Common Ivy (Hedera helix)
          The common ivy (Hedera helix ssp helix) may be found growing in woodlands, hedgerows or on walls. Sometimes it is a climber; sometimes it forms a layer at ground level.It is a woody, evergreen perennial that is distributed throughout much of the British Isles, and many parts of Europe.It can grow in a variety of soil types, and when mature is resistant to many harsh environmental conditions – being particularly tolerant of shade.


    • Oh – and Midsomers Murders – Yes, I bet there is a Deb on the team of writers who goes about the English contryside seeking out idyllic locations and imagining all sorts of skullduggery occuring in the bushes. I love watching MM mainly for the scenery – and Miss Marple of course! ❤ ❤


  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    How lovely. And you have lovely blue sky! It’s been raining here for days. Your lovely bees are tree bumblebees.

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  4. Enchanted forest!

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  5. Love the deer! Usually there is not a camera about when you need one. lucky evening.

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  6. The bird song and the ‘song of the bees’ is wonderful this time of the year. Great to capture June’s sound track.

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  7. Cool, green, mysterious. Buzzing and chirping with life. Beautiful!

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  8. That deer wasn’t sticking round to have it’s photo taken – it made me laugh! Such a lovely place to walk!!

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  9. Deborah O'Brien

    Magical! Reminds me of a track I took on my own last summer. When I got to the bottom, I randomly thought “what a great place to hide a body!” Then, I suddenly realised I was all alone and scurried along out as quick as I could!!!

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