North Dorset

On Wednesdays, after school,  I take my granddaughter Miss E to her Gym Class. In the winter I am happy to sit for the two hours with crochet and a flask of tea, listening to podcasts on my iPad, but yesterday was such a lovely evening, I dropped her off and drove on for about 10 minutes and went for a walk.











Is this a Six Spot Burnet moth?

Joining Cee’s Flower of the Day.

39 responses to “North Dorset

  1. I love stiles! They’re so British (and have used them on my only trip to England and Wales), but I’ve come across a couple here, too – though they’re far from common. One was very similar to the one in your photo.

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  2. You didn’t try the odd cartwheel on your walk then? Ah well, there’s always next time…

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  3. Oh, you made the right decision! Such gorgeous photos!

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  4. Lovely walk 🙂

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a lovely walk. And yes I think that is the right ID for your moth. We get cinabars which have similar colours but no dots

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  6. The first one made me want to lay on my tummy in the way children day dream- looking off into the most beautiful horizon, oohing and ahhing! Coming through the path to “see” the view makes me want shout “ENGLAND”!! The anticipation of the most amazing views!! Just as I imagined!!
    I’m about 60% UK/Irish, and 40% Scandinavian. My Norwegian Grandfather (1rst generation American) loved the mountains and I am so not a mountain person- LOL! But cliffs and hills and highlands are another thing! I love them! My Scottish Gran had a photo of their home in the highlands. But no one ever said where. Dad died 9 years ago and he never cared (he was a spoiled only child) about the Scottish relatives Gran wrote to. :o(
    The rest of my UK family could have lived in the center of London and I would be shocked- because these photos touch my soul so!

    Oddly my Scottish Gran cooked (she was an amazing cook) more Scandinavian than what you think of as Scottish fare. When she was in her 60s she discovered Lefse and asked me why I never told her how good it was!! ROTFLOL!! Seriously? Potato bread?? ha! ha! But I do love Scandinavian food and that is what I cook similar too to. However my heart seems to lie in England no matter how I fight it! LOL! Which was where my maternal Granfather’s wealthy English (and then East Coast America) family was from. They were wealthy there are streets and a park and things named after them (Bardwell) here in Minnesota, a city called Bemidji.

    ’nuff about me! :o)
    Thank You again! I will be daydreaming over these today! (((HUG)))

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    • So lovely to hear of your rich heritage Eliz. There is only English and Welsh in my ancestry as far as I know. What a shame for you that you have no leads to follow to discover more of your Scottish ancestors. It warms my heart to hear how these photos chime with you so deeply. If there is ever one in particular you like and want to print off let me know – I can send it to you by email at the maximum resolution.
      How swanky to have streets and parks named after some of your ancestors! That’s so cool!
      I’ve been to California, New York, Boston, Vermont, Colorado and Wyoming, but never Minnesota – I just looked it up – it looks like a fascinating State.
      I love to hear of your rich European connections.
      Happy Daydreams.


      • Its only a population of 15,000 or so, and a big tourist destination, and its only swanky till you hear our part of the ending.
        My maternal great grands had a son and daughter. The son, my Grandfather was named (Tracy) after his Grandfather a Civil War hero. Sadly my Grandfather was a terrible alcoholic who’s first wife was the town prostitute (producing my Uncle Bob) and second wife was my Grandmother. (offspring my mom and her sister, a 3rd baby lost in utero after he threw her down the stairs) He was completely and forever disowned by his family after marrying his first wife. So we know no one there. He had moved my Grandma to Minneapolis Minnesota, the biggest city in our state. After my Grandma fled from him and divorced him (my mom was 5) he lived on the streets, always only just miles from me, while I lived my idyllic life, he was homeless living with other street alcoholics. He died in his 60s. My mom and her older sister were notified by the FBI when he died because oddly!!!!! (we have no idea why he chose to be) he was a “card carrying communist”. He had joined in the late 20’s.
        Now there’s a novel- LOL!

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  7. Hard to resist waiting by walking in such beauty.

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  8. What a great place to walk during gymnastics!

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  9. Holy cats, what a view! Makes my heart sing just looking at the pictures.

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  10. Lisa at Greenbow

    Beautiful countryside.

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  11. It certainly looks like a six spot burnet moth – we get them here but I never realised what they were.
    You do so many walks – you must be whip thin.

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  12. Dorset countryside is so beautiful. Reminds me of my visits there.

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  13. Sounds and looks really lovely. It’s great to take time out and explore.

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  14. North Dorset is very pretty indeed. Good idea to go for a walk. Stunning views.

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  15. What a lovely spot to have a wander about in! And I’m totally with you – winter is just right for tea and crochet – but summer is for getting out and admiring nature! ❤

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  16. So very beautiful, it would be a pleasure to walk there.

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