Sometimes to urge to start a new project is overwhelming and I have to set all of the WIPs aside and just go for it. IMG_4144

Zoya Matyushenko’s new pattern Yennefer was irresistable.

The instructions are well written but do not come with a photo tutorial, so I make a copy of the photo on my laptop and then crop it and enlarge so that I can see the details as a guide.

I’m using Scheepjes Whirl Turquoise Turntable – ooooo – I just have to pause to delight in this gradient yarn – it feels gorgeous and looks so inviting – I had to stroke and squidge it for a few days before breaking into it. The photo does not do it justice. Oh the joy of the colour and how it fades from light to dark ………… ………… …….

It is soooooooooo pretty.

I tried a 4mm hook, but it did not hold together, so I am using a 3.5mm hook to make a mandala which I will sew to a metal hoop and hang in the wall. You can see other mandalas/dreamcatchers I have made here , here, here and one for a wizard here.

I am not getting the stitches even but hope, by the end, they will look ok


Zoya is a magician with crochet and creates all sorts of amazing effects. Each round is an adventure and the sense of achievement is huge and so satisfying.


I am working from the pale turquoise on the outside and by the end of Round 14, I thought I would, cut the yarn and wind off some of this pale turquoise, in order to get the full range of the gradient colours into the mandala.DSC_0448

At each join another strand of darker turquoise is added, I wound the yarn past one join and cut it at the next


Round 15 is started with the slightly darker yarn.

Working these Rounds is like reading an exciting book, I’m eager to get to the end of the ‘chapter’ and to get onto the next one, a real page-turner. I want to see how the next bit of the story affects the last bit and see the story unfold, each new stitch, a new character. I can’t put it down.

Sometimes I wish there was a photo to explain the next Round, so for my own future reference, this is the beginning of Round 17.crochet mandala

I am often asked how long I take to make a blanket or a mandala and it is always a difficult question to answer as I pick crochet up in odd moments and never time myself. But I was interested to see how long each of the ‘Petals’ took to make so I set my Stopwatch

timed crochet

At least I have an answer if asked about this one – if only for one part of it.

The work is much softer in Scheepjes Whirl than in a finer crisper cotton, but I’m hoping that once stretched on a hoop the details will be defined enough for a pleasing effect.

Onto the next petal….




28 responses to “Yennefer

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  2. So it is flower shaped…not in a vase…but great to have a little look at on In a Vase on Monday day. What a talent you have.

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  3. It is beautiful already, and like Kate, I love reading your sense of anticipation and enjoyment in the actual process of making it.

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  4. I’m just beginning to crochet. Badly. This gives me inspiration – thank you.

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  5. It will be so gorgeous!

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  6. It is looking absolutely beautiful! I am envious, I love having a project that makes me stop everything else! I just haven’t found anything lately of interest! Hopefully soon- LOL!

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  7. The texture of the central part looks particularly interesting. Turquoise is a lovely colour but maybe not an easy colour to photograph.

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  8. It’s looking lovely in that graded turquoise and I’ll be interested to see the effect the softer yarn has on the definition.

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  9. Exquisite is right! No wonder you can’t resist.

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  10. You do find the most exquisite patterns and this is another one! Your colour choice is of course also exquisite and I am looking forward to seeing it up on the wall. I’m still umming and aahing over the Amanzi which is on it’s way to becoming a chair cover but I don’t know if I like it enough to finish…… sigh!!

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  11. It’s lovely to read how much you’re enjoying this! And that’s a really beautiful yarn you’re working with. I can’t crochet or knit and it always looks miraculous to me how something beautiful and 3D emerges from just a bit of yarn and a hook or pair of needles.

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