Yennefer completed

yenneferYou can see the beginning of this mandala journey in this post. It took a while but at last I found a 70 cm metal hoop to attach the mandala to.bits

Using Scheepjes Whirl, Turquoise Turntable, and a 3.5mm hook, I cut the thread after Round 19, 24, 30 and 32 to wind off until the next colour join or two. I think I have used just over half the Whirl on this mandala and I will make another with the yarn that remains.

I didn’t block this one, I attached each point to the hoop with a stitch marker


and then using a needle and a length of the yarn, I sewed each picot point to the hoop, threading the yarn through the edge to get to the next pointIMG_4245

It will hang on the wall above my fireplace, but I’m wondering if I should mount it on something first.


39 responses to “Yennefer completed

  1. What stunning colours, I think it deserves the full Monty(Mounting!) Sorry feeble attempt at a pun.

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  2. Lovely colours, Sandra, and will be interested to see what you come up with for background.

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  3. I like this best of all the mandalas you’ve made and they are all lovely! I really like the crochet pattern for this one and the gradient effect. The gradient really makes it extra special and of course I like the colour. Might be tempted to copy you and make one if I wasn’t making the blanket!!!

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    Looks fantastic!


  5. Love this! The colours are among my most favourite, so that’s one reason to love it, but actually, what really draws my eye are all the beautiful intricate textures and shapes. It’s really fabulous, and if I was mounting it, I’d put it against a warm terracotta to let the colour sing. You do of course realise that if you make another it would count as a ScrapHappy project, as you’re using up yarn leftovers…?

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  6. Lovely. And colour changes you got just right. Your pictures shown the reason why crochet work often needs a good block or stretch in this case. I like it like this but intrigued to see one on canvas.

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Beautiful and such great colours

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  8. Genius for the way you attached it to the frame. The colors are so tranquil, relaxing. :o)

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  9. I was wondering about attaching it to a larger canvas – and see you have wondered the same. Tf the canvas was edged in one of the hues of blue it would look very attractive I think. Your colour choices as always are perfection! ❤

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  10. colour change is so subtle – really beautiful

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  11. Beautiful. It’s a lovely colour too. I have bought some of the Whirl yarn for me and my sister to play around with when she visits next week! 🙂

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  12. Peter and Carols Email

    Wow! I am not a crocheter so it really impresses me! The results are beautiful! Carol in Texas

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  13. It’s beautiful. I have mine – a much simpler affair – hanging in my workroom in a similar hoopish fashion.
    What would you mount it on? I like the simplicity of the naked hoop I think. Unless you have come up with something…….

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