A crown for the goddess Astrantia.

astrantia and angel

With her attending angel.

white astrantia

I have been following Floral Forager on Instagram, she also has a website.

So inspiring! She makes wonderful headdresses and this is where the idea took me.

I sought out the frame after seeing these wonderful creations at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016. I can’t remember exactly where I got the frame from now, I think it was from an Etsy site – Β it might have been this one: Geckomeister.

The angel etched in a glass block – how do they do that??? comes from St David’s Cathedral shop. I bought one for each of my grandchildren as a christening present.

I’m joining Cathy for her IAVOM meme, where we pop something in a vase (ahem) from our gardens and share our arrangements with other gardeneners all over the world.

You can see my more conventional arrangement using Astrantia here.

Yesterday I had the utter joy of going to the Rare Plant Fair at Sculpture by the Lakes







I bought 3 plants


An alstroemeria, a trailing snapdragon which sounds almost too good to be true and some quaking grass.snapdragon

My daughter chose alstroemerias as the main flower to decorate the marquee for her wedding reception so they have a special place in my heart – I hope I can grow them – any tips?

Also joining

Cee’s FOTD


48 responses to “Astrantia

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  2. A great idea for astrantias.

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  3. Astrantias as a crown, I love it. I am also pursuing Alstroemerias, pursuing being the operative word. Sulking is more like it. Them, not me. I am so unfamiliar with the Astrantia this is quite exotic and creative.

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  4. Amazing and too wonderful for words! Again, please, and soonish rather than later? 😘

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  5. That is astonishing Sandra – am amazing creation! Do you surprise yourself with your creativity sometimes?! πŸ˜‰

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  6. Brilliant! I’d be happy to see such creations on a regular basis from you. ❀ And a hat for Cathy!! πŸ™‚

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  7. I adore Astrantia (another of the plants that doesn’t want to grow here). You did a wonderful job turning it into a crown. How I wouldn’t love to tour that sculpture garden. I grow various Alstroemeria, including ‘Indian Summer’, which has already become a favorite. Of course, my climate is very different than yours so I can’t speak to what kind of winter protection it needs. It’s a very reliable plant, although some varieties duck underground to wait out the worst of summer’s heat here. I can’t say whether that’s true of ‘Indian Summer’ as this will be its first summer in my garden. The only maintenance mine require is pulling the spent flower stems up from the base – the stems shouldn’t be cut but rather yanked. Good luck with it – it’s a beauty!

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    • Thank you for your tips and your encouragement Kris, I have been prowling round the garden today looking for a suitable spot for Indian Summer to reside. Fun knowing that you have the same variety.


  8. I love the crown. It looks futuristic somehow, like something you’d see on an alien in the original Star Trek.

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  9. Great flower choices, a trailing snap dragon I’ve never seen, so this will be interesting. I love the color you chose for the alstroemerias, hope those go well!

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    • It took a while for me decide on the Alstroemerias as there was a very pretty pink one, but these are closer to the colour of the ones we had for my daughter’s wedding and I do have masses of pink in my garden – I thought it might be good to break that up a bit.

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  10. Love it, everyone should wear a flower crown.

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  11. All hail the queen of summer!

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  12. What a cool idea. That crown armature has endless possibilities.

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  13. Lisa at Greenbow

    Such an exciting end to June and beginning of July. Beautiful flower crown and those sculptures are WOWs.

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  14. Loving those Astrantia in the head! So you. Looks a great plant sale

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  15. Utterly gorgeously fabulous! Your creativity knows no bounds, except, like me, you have no idea how they get the angel suspended in that block. Mine is looking at me now from across the room. Same place of purchase too!

    Have a wonderful July!

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    • Oh, it thrills me to know we both have the St.David’s angels! What a lovely link, I imagine them communicating with one another ……

      I wish I knew how to ‘ground’ my creativity into something more solid. Ideas abound but what to do, where to go with it …… I feel like I need a swarm of elves making all the stuff that swirls around in my head!

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  16. A most unusual crown! You do have some interesting flower arrangements. It looks like a lovely day out. I like the sound of the trailing snapdragon and the fact it likes shade.

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  17. I love this arrangement a lot, so elegant, and so beautifully staged. The plant fair looks wonderful, and the new plants are going to be fabulous.

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    • Aw thank you Cathy – it was not easy finding a way of getting the white and the wire in a photo and I wasn’t sure I’d managed it well enough, so your comment is particularly welcome.
      The plant fair was a real treat.

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  18. What a shame Cathy’s son’s wedding has already taken place – I’m sure your arrangement would have made a wonderful hat for her 🀣
    I’ll be interested to see how the trailing snapdragon does. We grew Alstroemeria in Sussex but haven’t grown it here. They had some huge pots of it in our LIdl the other day for 6.99 euros but, whenever I succumb and buy plants, Mr. T. moans because plonking a plant in the ground isn’t an option for him – it is a grand production – and then he has to find the time. If I do it, it’d be wrong.

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