Little Crochet Mats

willow pattern gravy jug and crochet mats

These crochet mats were made as a housewarming present for a friend of mine who collects Willow Pattern China. Do you know the story of the pattern? There is a sweet animation of it on You Tube.

The square mat pattern is Favorire by Svetlana Grebennikova and can be bought on Ravelry

I have made it before and used it as a dreamcatcher.

The round pattern, Frozen Lotus by Johanna Lindahl is free on Ravelry:


I blocked the round one on this excellent blocking mat

crochet doily and blocking mat

Be warned if you are in the UK – I had to pay a £8 Custom’s Handling Fee – grrrrr!

I used Scheepjes Sweet Treat, Royal Blue and a 2mm hook for the square one and a 3mm hook for the round one.

23 responses to “Little Crochet Mats

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  2. So beautiful. I have a Spode Italian Collection and they would go equally as well. So gorgeous no wonder your friend was thrilled, who would not be? 😊

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  3. That blocking mat is. So cool. As are these mats. Such a thoughtful gift!

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  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift – the perfect match.

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  5. You do choose some lovely patterns they are both exquisite!

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  6. Perfect colour, my children use willow pattern plates at my in laws house and they both call them the story plates!

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    very pretty:)

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  8. Perfect color, and the blocking mat is a wonderful tool. I bet you use it all the time!

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  9. Very, very nice! I used to collect Willow Pattern china back in the day – gave it all away when I took up the gypsy life. I’ve not seen the animation, but have saved it to my watch later list on YT – thanks for the link. And you gave me someone else to follow on wp 🙂 So many patterns, so little time 😀 Your friend will be delighted with these beauties I’m sure.

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    • The gravy boat is the only piece I have, but my friend was delighted and it went so well with her collection which she has mixed with other blue and white china. It all looks so lovely together on her pine dresser.

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  10. Ah, my favourite colour combination — blue and white! So summery. Willow is my china pattern, too! Very nice mats.

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  11. My favorite color! How beautifully the mats go with the china.

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  12. Those are perfect to go with the willow pattern – did you use proper crochet cotton to get them so delicate?

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