Dorset Arts and Crafts

On Monday I went to  the DACA Exhibition, there were masses of wonderful exhibits to enjoy but here are a few that particularly caught my eye.

A set of exquisite little gardens on painted fabric rendered in French Knots

french knots


Quilting is obviously very popular in Dorset as there were masses of quilts, but this one I thought was particularly beautiful

patchwork quilt


It makes my brain ache to think how all those pieces were put together.

I loved this piece

machine embroidery



I liked the ideas behind this collage and took the photo for future reference


another charming piece of quilting


and this embroidery on painted silk – stunning in the detailIMG_5112



Knitting and crochet seemed a little thin on the ground, I’m wondering whether to enter some next year …….


33 responses to “Dorset Arts and Crafts

  1. Wow, that first quilt is beautiful!

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  2. so beautiful. Thank you. There’s a small, but lovely needlework exhibition on in Exeter Cathedral at the moment – I put some photos on my IG, FB and Twitter pages. There were some exceptionally exquisite pieces.

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  3. Very inspiring and varied pieces, thanks for sharing them with us!

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  4. Those embroidered pictures are stunning, Sandra, and make me think fondly of the little pictures I embroidered in another life when I had more time on my hands!

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  5. Of course you should enter next year! I loved ‘Over the Wall’ too.

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  6. They’re all amazing. Can you imagine making all those French knots?! I notice how your eye is drawn to blues and greens, like mine would be. Thank you for these wonderful pictures — and I agree, you should enter your work next year!

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    • I know – those French Knots – so tiny – and she did 4 of those pictures!
      I see what you mean about the blues and greens – I hadn’t realised, yes in a mass of things, blues and greens give the eye/mind rest – interesting.
      Thank you for your encouragement to exhibit next year, I think there will be some crochet to enter.

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  7. So much creativity. That swirly quilt is quite amazing but they are all delightful. Yes do enter some of your work next year.

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  8. All wonderful, but the last—the embroidery on painted silk—is exquisite. And, yes, enter some of your work next year.

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  9. I am totally gobsmacked by this exhibition.
    Sooo many outstanding creations.
    W. O. W.

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  10. Wow! I would love to have any of these on my wall, especially “The Sea.”

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  11. Oh wow, Sandra, what an inspiring show. Love all the pieces you shared.

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  12. That bargello quilt is beautiful. For the uninitiated: there’s a process for getting all the pieces and colours right and in the right place to form that wave pattern. It’s not as complicated as it appears, but the results can be stunning. I think the ‘Sea’ piece is my favourite.

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    • Ah – that’s good to know Kate, thank you – ridiculous, but I noticed an inner sigh of relief to know there is a method which simplifies the process – still an amazing amount of work.
      Yes, I really liked the ‘Sea’, It was hung in an awkward place to see it head on, but I love the colours and delicacy of the textures.

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  13. Obviously some very crafty people in Dorset, yourself included so, yes! – you should definitely enter some of your lovely crochet work next time.

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  14. They’re amazing! That wavy quilt made my brain ache a bit as well, what a labour of love.

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