Stitchbook Collective

Last year I joined with  Cathy in entering a Heart in the Sawdust Heart collective exhibition. Helen Birmingham, of Untangled Threads, who organised that amazingly moving event, is now hosting another collective venture and I am delighted to be taking part.

The Stitchbook Collective of 150 people are each making a 12 page textile book that will culminate in an exhibition in November next year.

There is a Starter Pack.

Everything arrives beautifully packaged and presentedstitchbook collective

Presents arriving in the post!

Helen has made some very easy-to-follow videos which are suitable for complete beginners and experienced embroiderers alike. Anyone can buy the kits and make a textile book following her excellent tutorials – I can highly recommend them.

The whole experience is a complete and utter treat!

The Starter Pack includes instructions for some stitching samplers and a collage pack.IMG_4651

The first task is to divide a piece of calico into 9 and work the suggested stitches with different thicknesses of stranded cotton. Helen’s videos give very clear instructions, but she is also happy for us to make our samples unique to us – the main emphasis is on relaxation and enjoyment.

Whilst stitching I kept thinking of my travel doodles and how they might look in stitch

travel sketchbook doodles

It has got me wondering how I might combine the two together

Included in the Starter Pack are materials to make a collage to be sewn on one of the pages.collage kit

fabric collage

Helen even provides a drawstring bag in which to keep the work.

starter pack materials

Although the 150 places in the Collective have been filled, the packs are available to all, with access to the teaching videos. I can highly recommend them.



I’m really looking forward to the September Pack pinging its way through my letterbox.


38 responses to “Stitchbook Collective

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  3. My wife has been developing skills in Sashiko recently. Do you know about it?

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  4. This sounds like the perfect kind of project for you, Sandra! I’m looking forward to seeing the complete book!

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a lovely project

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  6. I am thinking this is one page per month. Look forward to seeing how things evolve. I like the collage, very ‘you’ somehow. Has a seaside feel to it.

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  7. That sounds really cool!

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  8. Wonderful project! In the United States, our hearts are breaking once again over mass shootings, and your creative projects fill me with hope and joy.

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  9. This looks most interesting and I will be watching and waiting to see your work develop

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  10. I really love your collage and I would love to see if you translate your art into stitch at some point.

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  11. What a fabulous project, love your embroidery. I was interested to see how you finished the pages, it looks really neat, I’m not keen on the frayed edge page look for a book I want to make of my mums stuff, so this might be a good way of stitching it.

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    • Helen sends the book pages ready made and then we attach out embroidery to it, using the perspex board in the middle to stop the stitches from going through to the other side. Helen is selling the blank pages, so have a look and see if they would help your project.


  12. I haven’t embroidered for years – and this looks like a lot of fun! But I’ll simply enjoy watching yours unfold 🙂

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  13. This sounds like the sort of thing to get me ‘into’ embroidery but I just haven’t got the time at the moment. One day,,,,,,,

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  14. Going Batty in Wales

    i have not done any embroidery for ages but maybe I am ready to be inspired…

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  15. What a brilliant fun project! I do love the choice of collage fabrics, too. One of these fine days, I’ll rediscover my love of stitching, and this makes me want to get started. But with 4 quilts in the pipeline, I won’t, of course….

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