Scrap Happy Edge

Scrap Happy in August: I finished the Scrappy Blanket that was started in February and I gave it a rather magnificently over-the-top edge.

crochet scraps blanket

I made up the pattern for the edge as I went along, using Helen Shrimpton’s Sunbursts from her Cosmic Cal pattern as a guide.

Some of you might wince at this. Lynn and Jane, I’m thinking of you. πŸ˜‰ Look away now!

It felt very freeing not to worry whether the sunbursts were always on a corner or not.

crochet edge

It looked particularly at home on the bench made of recycled pallets

bench made of pallets

and next to the repurposed empty blue agricultural detergent container, which is now a waterbutt.Β The blanket has gone to live as a throw over an armchair in my daughter’s grey, white and sunshine yellow kitchen, so I made myself another smaller one!

recycled yarn

and thought this bench perfect for the photo shoot.

crochet, recycling

The bench is in the children’s play park where much of my scrap happy crochet is done, I sit and crochet whilst the children play – what better way to spend a few happy hours of Granny hooking time.

All the yarn is either left over from projects, unravelled old projects or from my Mum’s vast stash, gathered when we cleared out her house. Nearly every strand holds a memory, adding to the joy of making each blanket – and there is lots more to go!

I tie each piece together with a reef knot and leave the ends on show for texture. If I feel I want a change of colour, I just cut the yarn and add in a colour I want.

These blankets are made with a mixture of yarns – cotton, acrylic, mixes and a small amount of 100% wool. They wash well in the machine at 30C.

Pop along over to Kate’s place and see links to lots of other inspiring Scrap Happy projects. Scrap Happy day is on the 15th of each month.


50 responses to “Scrap Happy Edge

  1. I love the concept behind these, and the first one is such a gloriously happy creation!

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  2. that edging is fabulous – it really makes the blanket zing. Lucky daughter.

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  3. what colourful joy!

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  4. Love both of these, Sandra, but especially like the first. That border colour is terrific!!!

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  5. An amazing piece of colourful artwork Sandra. That will keep you happy this Winter?

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  6. I love that you tossed caution to the wind on that edging! Both cozies are wonderful and so beautifully scrappy and happy.

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  7. I love the scrappiness!

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  8. The blanket is fab but that edging takes it to a whole new level 😎

    Bring on the yarn givers πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  9. Gosh, fabulous work Sandra! Love the sunshine edging of course and I bet that blanket looks fabulous in your daughter’s kitchen! This is such a great way to use up your scraps.

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  10. Impressive edging, reminiscent of a heavy gold embellished picture frame. Works so well!

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  11. I love both blankets, and also how you found the perfect places to stage the photos! Very cheering!

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  12. All those scraps used up and now you have room for more yarn!

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  13. These blankets burst with life, love, and color. Made my day to read about how they were made from your mother’s yarn.

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  14. There’s something so free and joyful and fun about these! Happy scraps, indeed!

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  15. It’s amazing how a border transforms a blanket and that yellow is just fabulous… it really makes it look finished and somehow reminds me of those really ostentatious gilt picture frames around Old Masters.

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  16. That is *lavishly* colourful and fabulous! Even if such bright colours are not your thing (and they most definitely are mine) you’d have to smile at this. Lovely, lovely scrappy blankie. Keep it up, the world needs more smiles like that.

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  17. They’re both fabulous, but the OTT border is definitely my favourite thing! It’s so bright and happy πŸ˜€

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  18. I love your memory blankets. The yellow sunbursts almost look like the blanket is on the sand. Absolutely fabulous.

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  19. Woah!! That yellow edging is……*searching for right word* – extraordinary!

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  20. Great blanket. Would like to make one too if I ever have enough scraps but then I often use them up on little projects!

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  21. Going Batty in Wales

    I love a bit of colourful ‘over-the-top’news tol. Makes the world a brighter place.

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  22. Those blankets are absolutely fab, loving the colours and I really like the edging on the yellow one too. Thanks for sharing!

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