Another beautiful pattern by Zoya Matyushenko available on Ravelry

crochet mandala, pattern by Zoya Matyushenko

I wanted it to look a little more open so I made this small variation:

Part of Row


FPDC in FPDC, BPDC in BPDC, – (ch3, skip one BPDC, BPDC in next BPDC) 4 times


FPDC in FPDC, BPDC in BPDC, (ch1, sc in ch3space, ch1, BPDC) 4 times


FPDC in FPDC, (3FPDC around the BPDC, sc in ch1 space, FPDC around sc, sc in Ch1 space) 4 times


This one is sewn onto a 50cm coated metal hoop from Glitterwitch.

First I attach the mandala to the hoop with stitch markers at each picot point, then I sew each point onto the ring going over the ring 3 times. I thread the yarn through the edge of the work along the back, to the next point.

Made with Scheepjes Sweet Treat 2ply cotton in Snow White and a 2.5mm hook

That is Crochet Mandala/Dreamcatcher number 10 made, 3 as presents for my grandchildren, 7 for me. The obsession continues!



29 responses to “Calla

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  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    So delicate.

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  4. Beautiful – and your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I have yet to make even one of these little doilies to hang and I’ve just begun to scratch my head about Christmas presents for my daughters ……… I wish you lived next door, I’d be over getting tips from you!

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  5. It reminds me of a snowflake, all cool and white.

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  6. Funnily enough, I’ve just come back from an artisan market, held in a local village as part of their annual festival and the woman who teaches a sewing class there arranged for lots of crochet hoops to be made and they have been hung across some of the tiny narrow streets. One man, I think he is Dutch, had some that had been made by his grandmother (he himself is in his 80s), which were hung in the local hotel window.They were made in very fine thread and, like yours, are white – they looked gorgeous. May yours last as long.

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    • How delightful! Thanks so much for sharing – it makes me feel connected with allthose Granndmothers down the ages making little heirlooms.
      The streets must have looked wonderful. 🙂


  7. It’s beautiful!!

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  8. Another lovely design beautifully executed. if you have then all hung up your house must look amazing!

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    • I have some hanging up on the wall in the hall and some in the spare bedroom and the two white ones dangling free. I would love to have a group hanging together from the ceiling, but a) there are limited places where they could go without me bumping into them and b) it requires getting a DIY man in to fix them.

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  9. Would love to see this hanging against black velvet, like a snowflake against the night sky.

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  10. LOOOOOOOOVE this. Gorgeous.

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  11. Someone is going to catch some super dreams with this.

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