Stitchbook Collective: Texture

The Stitchbook Collective is off and running! Our first pack arrived a day early – wow! I was jumping up and down with excitement. Little packages of delight.

The Stitchbook Collective, texture pack

A present I have given myself, each month for a whole year – it feels so good.

Then the joy of opening them all up and seeing what is inside …. all there waiting to be played with….

Helen Birmingham's Tecture pack

The Texture and Starter Packs are available to buy individually, with unlimited access to the video tutorials.

As a child, I used to go and stay with my step-grandmother, I called her Dabbity, and she would have little embroidery projects ready for me to make – it reminds me of that – Helen and Dabbity have merged together in my mind, it is warmly comforting to have those memories revived.

Once again (like in the Starter Pack) there are 9 tiny samples to create – this is the first one I did

calico squares, texture sample

It inspired me to think about making a larger one, with just the large cross-stitches to hold the fabric pieces to the back ground – so I’m off to get some more calico.

The next was a loopy one – I love these loops

calico loops, embroidery sample, Stitchbook Collective

and then a spider’s web inspired piece, weaving the textured thread through the spokes

surface embroidery, woven web

I am having fun with these.

One of the best things about this ongoing project is the Facebook Group that nearly all of the 150 in the Stitchbook Collective are members off. We share pictures of our work and aspects of the processes we go through. It amazes me to see the rich variety created from much the same materials and what gems are created on tiny areas of calico.

Do you have any embroidery on the go at the moment?

Leave a link in the comments, I’d love to see what you are up to.


30 responses to “Stitchbook Collective: Texture

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  3. Such a great idea, Sandra

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  4. You’re having so much fun, aren’t you? It’s not so much my thing, but I do enjoy seeing what you’re going to make of it!

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  5. So, when the box arrives are you just let loose on it or are you following some sort of guidelines? I ask as an interested bystander as my embroidery skills got lost somewhere along the way.

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    • There are detailed step by step instructions and guidelines and videos for each tiny sample and stitching exercise, you can follow exactly or do your own thing, just as you like. Absolutely suitable for beginners and experts alike. If you wanted to rekindle your skills one pack could be a good way to start. A new pack comes out each month. All the subjects for each month are set out on the Untangled Threads website.

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  6. Looks like a lot of fun!

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  7. Now this does look like a sensible approach – creative stitch techniques aplenty! You’ll be inspired and have a sackful of ideas within half the course – I’m placing my bet that you’ll produce something unique and amazing before the half way point – just because you can!

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  8. Oh, dear, reading yours and Cathy’s posts are really doing things in my imagination❣️

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  9. Not a crafty person. For me, words and story. But I sure do enjoy seeing what you are up to, and I admire your nimble fingers. Also love, love the name “Dabbity.”

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  10. I was trying so hard to resist this one but having seen your box of loveliness, I succumbed!

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  11. Lovely blog… & I’m a member too… but i really cant remember my number (don’t tell everyone!) i see this project as a monthly gym subscription but in the form of creativity & mindfulness … bloomin’ marvellous

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  12. No embroidery! I’m getting behind with all my knitting and crochet at present but I will be watching what you and Cathy create with interest.

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  13. Love the spiders web! I too am involved in the collective, I’m number 97! My best friend’s grandmother taught me to embroider and I have been stitching ever since. I have to say that the collective project has really set me on fire with enthusiasm for stitch.
    The best place to see what I’m up to is my new blog.
    Currently I am contemplating a bundle of white fluffiness., and what to do with it, watch that space as they say.

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    • It really is such fun being part of this together Cathy. Thanks so much for the link to your new blog.
      ‘A bundle of white fluffiness’ sounds intriguing … i’ll keep watch. 😉


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