Oops – Windows


It was only as I was driving back late last night from a Dairy Event, with two sleeping grandchildren in the car that I was thinking “it must be the first Tuesday of the month soon …… oh Yikes! it IS the first Tuesday of the month”.

So here, a day late, is our Photographic Monthly Meet-Up with the subject of WINDOWS running throughout 2019 .

This school term I usually take Miss E, 12, to her swimming lessons on a Wednesday morning, she has to be in the pool at 7am. I thought it would be a tough call to get up at 5:40am to be in time to take her there, but actually when the sun is shining through the huge windows it is a joyful start to the day.

swimming pool

and I feel full of energy and quite virtuous on a Wednesday – giving me a very good excuse to take it easy on Thursdays, tucked up with sewing or crochet. 😉

The second photo for this month comes from my recent visit to London, all of the photos would be worthy entries, but I took this one with this month’s challenge in mind.

london, looking up

and then in black and white

windows, look up



Do you have any photos of windows to share with us today? (or any day this month)

Current or archive, all welcome.

Please leave a link in the Comments. 🙂



24 responses to “Oops – Windows

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  4. Fascinating lines in these window images Sandra. I have another contribution at https://haikuhound.wordpress.com/2019/10/07/waiting-by-the-window/

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  7. Particularly impressed with your b&w London windows. Thank you!

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  8. Great composition in these photos!

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  10. Lots and lots of windows in the London pictures. I’m not sure if I prefer the color picture or the black and white. I toggled back and forth and was unable to reach a conclusion. And, how good of you to get up so early to take your granddaughter to swimming class. Yay!!!!

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  11. Love the colour London picture. Hope you had a good day yesterday. Here’s my window for this month

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