The Stitchbook Collective: Texture 2

The Stitchbook Collective

As you might remember, I have joined The Stitchbook Collective: a year long adventure in stitch with monthly Workshops created by Helen Birmingham.

In September’s Texture Pack we were sent a small pack of factory waste threads to play with. Helen provides some very helpful video tutorials and explained the process of glueing these threads together to make them into a piece of fabric that can be used in a fabric and stitch collage..

I separated the threads out into colour groups and used mainly purples for this piece


Although it works as an example of the technique, I’m not thrilled with the design and prefer the more abstract look of the backreverse embroidery

especially when I flip the photo

the back

I can see this in paint on canvas ……..  each excercise sparks new ideas.

With the next groups of threads I kept the threads in a rectangular shape, hoping to be able to create a better design.

gluing threads together

I cut the lower piece into 4 and laid it on some waste sari silk which I got from the company YarnYarn.



At Helen’s suggestion (in her video tutorial) I added some netting provided in the pack


and then stitched into it with Rice Stitch, Running Stitch and Cross Stitch.

I am happier with this one.

Here are the two pieces as they will appear on the page of the of samples, embroidery, Stitchbook Collective

I am really enjoying the workshops and the stitching, but I don’t feel I am in the creative flow of it yet. I am waiting for that magic ah-ha moment, when the creative penny drops and, well  ……. hmmm ……..  I’ll know it when I feel it.

The best bit is to be part of a like-minded supportive group, sharing what we are making and talking all things textiles – I’m really loving the sense of community that is building up.

The packs and tutorials are so well put together. It is very soothing to sit sewing whilst listening to Helen describing the process and her joy of stitching. There are a limited number of packs still for sale in Helen’s online shop, one pound from the sale of each pack goes to the mental health charity MIND.

To date £749 has been raised.


20 responses to “The Stitchbook Collective: Texture 2

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  5. Very creative Sandra. The first image looks like a Maggie mess. She dwells on grabbing balls of Jills wool and racing into the yard. I have to untangle the wool from her, bushes etc, roll it up and clean it. Imagine what that looks like. Yesterday we went to a quilt exhibition, you would have loved it.

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  6. I’m with Tialys. My first thought was “wowsah!” when I saw it. I know you like the back better, but the colors on the front made my heart leap.

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  7. I like your first piece best. It must be hard to know when to stop when doing these little pieces – when it feels right I suppose.

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    • At the moment I seem to be finding it hard to start! Then once I get into stitching, you are right it feels like I could go on adding French Knots for ever, and then … yes, it’s done. Helen advises to have a break every 10 minutes or so, walk away, come back and reassess. That works well ….. if I remember to do it. 😉

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  8. Very interesting following this and reading about your thoughts working through processes. Thank you!

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  9. I actually like your first piece – it has lots of flowing movement going nowhere (a bit like me at the moment 🙂 ) The second piece is structured and blocked and carries strong form – also pleasing! I like them sitting side by side, it seems fitting. This is already quite exciting ❤

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    • Ah, I think you have hit upon why I don’t like the first piece much, yes – going nowhere – a bit like me too! Or going round in loops anyway. Hmmm … a metaphorical piece.
      I really am loving this journey though and it is lovely that you are enjoying hearig about it.

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow

    I like them both.

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  11. I love both your texture pieces, especially the second one. I think I shall have to invest in some sari silk, it looks so pretty. I am hoping that the exercises spur me onto to creating new pieces myself. The next pack of pleats is really going to test me, I am not a neat pleat person!

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    • Thank you for your kind words Cathy. I do love the colours in the sari silk, and I like that the company uses the waste from Sari-making to create their products.
      I’m with you on the pleats, I’ve had a go at the samples, but at the moment I can’t see me wanting to do them again ……. nor smocking!
      But the gathers – mmmm, loving the effects of that. 🙂


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