Art Exhibition

I am so proud of my sister and niece who are having an exhibition of their art this weekend, ably assisted by my brother-in-law who kept everyone well supplied tea and cakes!


My sister Caroline,  paints absolutely amazingly beautiful and detailed watercolours of animals and mixed media seascapes AND she is very skilled at making silver jewellery

To see her work in better detail have a look at her Instagram Pagepaintings


And meet Lara, my multi-talented niece and her Sealife paintings

selife by Lara

All acrylic on canvas – all so vibrant and full of colour and energy. Lara is a hard-working Vet and paints on her days off. Go visit her Instagram Page to see all her wonderful creatures.paintings

Lots of lovely Red Dots, lots of visitors, and it was just so good to see all the paintings displayed so well together.

They were exhibiting with another silver smith and a fabulous portrait artist, Bernie Lusher who had painted Lara’s portraitpainting

Wow – so much talent in that room!

Well done everybody – so many months of concentration, so many years of learning and practice, so many hours of skilled artistry. Here’s to a successful weekend with lots of sales and spin-offs.

27 responses to “Art Exhibition

  1. Gorgeous artwork. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  2. Going Batty in Wales

    What a talented family!

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  4. all that work is lovely. And so great to see some sales too, Art is HARD.

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  5. Well done is right! Wonderful! Creativity certainly thrums through your family.

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  6. How clever you all are

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  7. Goodness, you are a very talented family.

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  8. Clearly you are all a very artistic family. Really well done.

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  9. Those are all just incredible! Wow!

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  10. It’s all beautiful, but that silver work particularly caught my eye. What a clever family you have.

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  11. You are a very creative family, Sandra!

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  12. Congratulations to them all, beautiful work. You have a talented family.

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  13. Beautiful art work – no wonder you are so proud.

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  14. Fingers crossed for loads of sales! Wonderful work!

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