When Lucy came to Dorset

I have just had the most wonderful weekend.

On Saturday I went to see my sister’s art exhibition and on Sunday, we had our Friends of Attic24: Dorset gathering at Sladers Yard art gallery and cafe, in West Bay.

What made Sunday extra special was that Lucy of Attic24 happened to be in Dorset and could pop in and join us for a couple of hours!!!

gathering at West Bay

How lucky was that!!!

A few more joined us after the photo was taken and we had a gatherng of 17 in all.

We had such a lovely time. Great coffee, cake, crochet and chat …….. wonderful!cafe crochet meeting

Lucy was very generous with her time, tips and hints Sladers Yardand it was fun showing her some of our Attic24 inspired makes and discussing the details of colour choices and variations.crochet chat

What better way to spend a wet Sunday morningcrochet group

There is something timeless and quite magical about a group of women crafting together


We said our fond farewells and Lucy departed for her long train journey back to Skipton. A huge thank you to Lucy for coming to join us, you are welcome any time!

Our group will definitely be meeting again in January at the start of Lucy’s Annual Crochet-Along, which promises to be a corker!

Think Dahlias …. that’s all I’m saying.   😉


40 responses to “When Lucy came to Dorset

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  5. Sisterhood is a beautiful thing. 🙂

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  6. Great to read and see such collaborative creativity Sandra. My wife is off to her monthly Dye group meeting at our Hand spinners and weavers group. Occasionally there is a man in their pictures. Where are your creative blokes?

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  7. That looked like a great party!

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  8. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. What a lovely group to be part of.

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  9. I agree about the magic of people crafting together. I meet with a group of women every Thursday–it’s sacrosanct– for sewing and stitching. Your day looks warm and wonderful!

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  10. What a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday morning!

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  11. Oh, how utterly wuuuunderful!!! So glorious for you all to gather and enjoy crocheting with Lucy, and be able to give back some of the joy she’s given. Dahlias in January, eh? I do love their bright colours . . . might have to think about a treat for meself. . . 😉


  12. what a great time you all had!
    and ooooh a new CAL over on Attic24 in January, eh? I’ll have to check it out in the new year!

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    • We really did have a great time Claire.
      If you follow Lucy’s blog, she will be sharing the colours and her design process in November, giving time for people to order the yarn packs – or ask for them for Christmas presents! 😉

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  13. Love the crochet squares in the last photo. I think you must all have had a whale of a time, there are smiles on every face 🙂

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  14. Thank you Sandra for taking so many lovely photos, such a great memory for us all.
    It was another fantastic day. Lucy was so sweet and kind, it was a dream come true to meet her.
    Looking forward to our January get together. X

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  15. What a wonderful event you organised, and I bet you were all a bit star struck. Gorgeous crochet and those cakes look nice too.

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  16. Now that looked like a fun time! Look at all those pretties draped over arms and tables too. I enjoyed Lucy’s Beach stash buster a while back and may even be ready to join another one by January. We’ll see 🙂

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  17. What a wonderful surprise!
    I’m looking forward to the next CAL. I loved the sweetpea one and currently enjoying hooking the dune blanket for my daughter. Xxx

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