Wordless Wednesday: Wabi Sabi

wabi sabi, art course

wabi sabi art course

wabi sabi art course with Helen Turner

charcoal, wabi sabi, art course

On a fabulous art course with Helen Turner this week.


19 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Wabi Sabi

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  2. Some amazing artistry here Sandra, very ZEN.

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  3. I like the pleats you added.

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  4. Fabulous! I, too, had to look up wabi sabi. The Japanese are masters of describing concepts with one or two words. Love it!

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  5. Never heard of Wabi Sabi. Must look it up. When I saw the first one I thought it was about your embroidery adventures. All very pleasing.

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    Sounds fun!

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  7. Very articulate. I really like the last one,

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  8. I love the Wabi Sabi aesthetic.Makes me want to go scratch something up, deliberately ruin the bowl on the potting wheel, or colour outside the lines! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Sandra, these are great!

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