Antony Gormley at the RA

Antony Gormley is one of my creative heroes. In the video at the end of this RA  link about the exhibtion and he says that ‘the viewer is the subject of the show’. Worth listening to.


When I go to see an art exhibition I usually whizz round to get a sense of the whole, then I go back and spend time with the pieces I’m drawn to, graspthen I go round again and take photos of the pieces,Gormley


Gormley at the RA

Gormelythen I go round again and notice how other people are interacting with the exhibits


This is one of my favourite things to do








Here is an excellent review by Studio International

I hope you enjoyed people watching with me.

At a few exhibitions recently I have started to take photos of people who go with the paintings they are viewing and then I came across this amazing post about Stefan Draschan’s work, take a look – fascinating.


18 responses to “Antony Gormley at the RA

  1. Yes! Wonderful pictures of the people at the exhibit. You made it seem as though they were part of the exhibit. In a way, they were, don’t you think?

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  2. Must check how long it is there – would love to see it

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    • It ends on 3.December.
      You have to book a time slot in advance.
      Well worth a visit. The logistics of setting up such an exhibition alone make it a marvel – it has to be seen to be believed.


  3. Your photos are so interesting, I love seeing the interaction, especially after listening to the artist on the video.

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  4. My fave is the little girl under the horizontal figure

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  5. Oh my that was fun. I loved the lady’s dress in the first picture, and the chap with the braces and the alpine scene made me giggle. I must remember to linger by exhibitis if I match just to add an extra dimension for others.

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  6. Well, that’s brought people watching to a whole new level. Fascinating but he must have so much patience – you could wait weeks before somebody came in wearing a lookie likie monet painting dress.

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  7. Rustic Pumpkin

    Will try again to leave a comment this time via Google, so it’s me Deb in case it shows up. I also am inspired by Antony Gormley. Unfortunately, when I visited Another Place on Crosby Sands I did not have my camera!

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