Labyrinth on the beach

Ringstead beach

A glorious sunny morning, just right for a beach clean walk and for making a labyrinth.

I’m so lucky that this beach is just a 10 minute drive away.

I found some sea glass too.



22 responses to “Labyrinth on the beach

  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing projects that incorporate your finds.


  2. A lovely sandy beach Sandra. Some of that glass may be very old.

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  3. The Sea glass looks like candy jellies! Only 10 mn away!! What a blessing!

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  4. I do love a spot of beach combing.

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  5. Lucky you to have the beach so close – is it always that deserted?

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    Nothing like a beach day no matter what the season

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  7. Beautiful sea glass, and what a gorgeous beach, lucky you indeed. CJ xx

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  8. Rustic Pumpkin

    Lovely to have this place so close, and sea glass is a bonus find indeed.

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  9. Gorgeous sea glass. Any rust by any chance?

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  10. Lovely sea glass colours. As I read about your dislike yesterday, Dune or Duney came to mind. Fancy a nick-name? 😱 (If not, tis fine❣️)

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    • HaHa! Thank you Del, great suggestions. I do have loads of nicknames, my school friends call me Tanie, my nieces and nephews call me Dondi, a few friends call me Doris after a dreadful Doris-Day-like hair cut I once had and a few blogging friends have adopted Daffy! I’ve tried to change my name a couple of times, but it never seemed to work….so I stick with Sandra.

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