in a vase on Monday

It is Cathy’s 6th Anniversary of In a Vase on Monday!

Congratulations Cathy you have brought together some wonderful gardeners from all over the world. Warmest heartfelt thanks for the floral camaraderie and all the knowledge (and plants) shared.

Cathy has set us a challenge to celebrate with a miniature vase, but as you can see, I have not stuck to just one.

I have combined the meme with my birthday celebrations and here we have Hot Princess, and there is the rose on the left of her (corny I know, but hey it’s my birthday, I’m allowed!)

On the right are some anemone buds (!) and wallflowers (!) – what are they thinking?! They need to pipe down and wait til Spring.

And the dianthus continues to produce sweet pink buds, even if the flowers do get a little frosted.

All put together in a bit of a rush between birthday shinanigans, but I did not want to miss out on celebrating with Cathy. ❤

29 responses to “Celebrate!

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  2. Happy, happy birthday, Sandra! A bit belated, but heartfelt wishes all the same. ❤

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  3. Oh my goodness! You were born a fairy Princess in Jolly Old England as my mom used to say! Only You really were! We (us with UK relatives) just dreamed about it here in America! Adorable! I’m envious!

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    • I was a very chunky ‘fairy’!!!


      • Oh no- you look healthy and happy and beautiful! Your Mother must have been overjoyed to have such a beautiful baby!
        I love your beautiful Pram, and the scenery around you is just awe inspiring. It reminds me of the differences of me as a baby here in America. We lived in St Paul our state capital city (Minnesota) And we had cobblestone streets still. St Paul is an “old” (for America) city to this day. My stroller was pushed bumpity bumpity over cobblestones that horses and carriages walked on years before I came along. The history, time gone by, it just brings back so many happy memories. And now I’ve high jacked your blog with my rambling! ;o)

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  4. Happy Birthday! Wonderful and festive celebrations.

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  5. Happy Birthday to the Hot Princess and rose….

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  6. Happy Birthday….today you will be recovering from the shenanigans. Many happy returns and many more postings of IAVOM. x

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  7. Great improvisation

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  8. Happy birthday Sandra! I hope you spent the day just the way you wanted to.

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  9. Lovely way to celebrate!!!


  10. Lovely that you could celebrate twice in one day! 😉

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  11. Oh is it today, Sandra? Happy Birthday – two anniversaries in one! I love how you have interpreted the meme on your special day – it will make everyone smile. Have a great day 🙂

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  12. Going Batty in Wales

    Happy Birthday!

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