Free Seahorse Pattern

I have been trying to make the pattern for this little Seahorse easier to understand. This little chap has led me a merry dance! Here goes.

There is a printable pattern – with just one photo of the finished seahorse, for sale in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

The pattern is written in US terms. I am left-handed, if you are right-handed the seahorse will face the other way.

Use a 3mm up to a 4.5mm hook and any double knitting yarn.

I have used Stylecraft Special DK

or the pattern can be made in cotton with the appropriate sized hook.

(Use the bigger hook if you like the motif a little bigger and looser)


ch      chain               sc      single crochet                dc     double crochet

hd     half double     sl      slip stitch                        tog     together


Ch 35

Dc into 4th ch from the hook, 1dc, 3 dc2togdouble crochet two together

2 dc, 2 tr, work 2 tr into each of the next 3 chs.

1tr, 2dc, 2 dc into each of the next 2sts, 2 hd, 3sc2tog,

single crochet 2 together

2 sl (leaving the remaining chs unworked)crochet tutorial 1



Miss one st, sl 8, 2sc, 1hd, 2hd in next st, 1dc, 2dc in next st,

2dc, 2dc into next st, 1dc, 2hd,

3sc, 2sl, miss 1st, 2sl, (to the neck)


TURNseahorse tutorial

Miss 1, 6sl, 4sc, 2hd in next st 4 times, 2hd, 2sc, 3sl



Miss 1, 3sl, 16sc, sc2tog, 3sl (you are now at the lower point of the neck)


ch 8, sl into 5th ch from the hook to form a loop, (the loop will form the eye)seahorse tutorial3 sl into the chains (working back towards the neck).


6dc into loop,


miss 1st, 2 sl,


ch5, sl into 2nd ch from hook (forming a picot that will be the top tip at the end of the snout), dc, sc, dc.crochet seahorse tutorial

Flip the snout over, so that the picot is facing upwards.

tutorial for crochet seahorse motif

Sl into the top of the last of the dcs into the loop to attach the snout to the head.


2dc into loop, 2hd into loop, ch3, sl into the top of the hd

1hd and 2dc into loop

sl into the first ch of the HEAD (at the neck).

crochet motif tutorial

2sl to the top of the neck,


1dc into each of 3 sts, on the top of the headcrochet



sl into the top of dc directly below the chs

sl, ch3, sl into 3rd st from the hook, sl into dc directly below the picot just made,

(sc,* ch4, sl into 4th ch from hook, sl) twice, sl

The picture below is at this first sc*, which is made into the loop at the base of the foundation chain.

crochet motif tutorial

crochet motif seahorse

ch3, sl into 3rd ch from hook, 2sl

(ch4 miss a st, sl) 3 times, sl


ch4, 2 tr into next st. twice, ch1,


(sl, ch3) 5 times.

Fasten off.seahorse fin

Sew in the end.

When sewing in the end of the tail pull slightly to get the tail to curl.crochet seahorse motif

This new improved pattern comes with many more photos. If you have a go, I would love to know how you get on.

It would also be fun to see how you use the motifs.

I put them on a Hoodie.

Rainbow Junkie made a wonderful wall hanging for her bathroom.

Happy Hooking!


29 responses to “Free Seahorse Pattern

  1. 4th atempt at seahors ,got it at last. I’m left handed , and it’s nice to fined someone that Crochet the same way

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  2. I’m trying to make this seahores, and failed .

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  3. I just made your cute seahorse – but I miss the Tail detail. I’m left with 9 chains dangling at the end? Any suggestion what I missed? thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry to hear that Linda. These little seahorses can be very mischievious! How far have you got? Have you completely finished or are you at the 3rd photograph down.
      Did you do ‘3sc2tog’. Which is doing 2 single crochets together – that means you decrease one. And you do that 3 times. Maybe it would be clearer if written “sc2tog x 3”. Hope that helps.


  4. This little chap is adorable! I’m going to have to add him/her to a hat for my kids at some point. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. x

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  5. Hallo Sandra, ich liebe Seepferdchen. Kannst du mir eventuell ein Diagramm von den Seepferdchen schicken?. Vielleicht im Tausch eines von meinen Topflappenmustern?.

    lG Dagmar


  6. Thank you for such perseverance! Although I don’t do small animals, there are so many who do, and this will be a wonderful addition to many menageries. 😘

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  7. I haven’t progressed to proper patterns yet. I seem to have a mental block when it comes to the abbreviations. I can (just) manage broomstick, if I only do rectangular shawls!

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  8. You did it! Awesome.

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  9. Thems pretty cute little sea horses and you are very clever to have invented them. US terms have always made more sense to me when it comes to crochet so that’s my preference too.

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  10. I ‘m the same with patchwork, sewing in general and almost all crafting – everything I do is in imperial measurements and it drives my husband (and my French sewing friend) mad.

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  11. Thank you for taking the time to make up this tutorial. I would have a go but am in the middle of blanket joining at the moment and probably will be for some time to come as it’s proving a bit of a time consuming method although hopefully worth it in the end.
    Out of interest, why have you used U.S. terms?

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