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There are masses of ASMR clips on You Tube, but most of them come with annoying intro music, chat or ads. This is the Channel I like the best.

ASMR = Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

a feeling of well-being, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.”

Squeaky gates are still my favourite though!

25 responses to “ASMR

  1. Beautiful… hypnotic…

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  2. Gosh I thought that was just me! I love the sound of cars driving slowly on gravel driveways; it always makes me happy and I thought that made me weird.

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  3. I have been aware of ASMR for a while now and understand the pleasure people get from certain sounds. For myself I enjoy listening with focus or “deep listening” to almost any sound but overall find that the context of the sounds within the environment is what does it for me – hence StillWalks I guess 🙂
    Like Laurie Graves above, cats purring I find really soothing – unfortunately our current cat does not do this very much so I have an app on my phone which I enjoy occasionally.

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  4. I didn’t know these things were on YouTube ! Interestingly I left the paper cutting one running while writing this note and in the pauses between my thoughts found that very soothing – Who knew!! (I’ve saved it for later too) For me the two best sounds are waves breaking – or any water moving naturally really – I love the sound of a shallow brook over pebbles for example. The other is trees rustling in a breeze, there’s a point when it sounds like they are talking to each other or even me. And I love love love the smell of new cut grass ❤

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    • Ooh yes, those sounds are all so soothing aren’t they.
      So glad to introduce you to the wonderful world of ASMR.
      And smells – so many that bring back sweet childhood memories.
      Pears soap is one of mine. xx

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  5. The sound of tea being poured from the pot into the cup – a whole lifetime of memories in that one sound 😊

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  6. Purring cats are my favorite, and lucky me, I have one who sleeps and purrs by my pillow at night.

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  7. My happy sounds are the quiet thunder of distant surf, and the sound of a small aeroplane high up in sky, just beetling along.

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  8. Love the cutting paper sound, and the gentle knocks on the table as the scissors touch it. Other sounds I love are sticky tape being peeled and clinking of ice in a glass.

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  9. My favourite sound is a gentle breeze making a swooshing noise through tall trees. I quite like washing machines gently washing in another room, but not when they start spinning. Oh and sea on a pebbly beach. All three are quite similiar I reckon.

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    • Your comment sent me off into a reverie – yes, all three for me too ….. but I hadn’t consciously noted those rhythmic washing-machine, squelchy, swooshy noises as ASMR sounds before … mmmm …. yes …. thank you for that.
      All three have a rhythmic quality.
      Spinning – so nice when it stops!

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  10. Have you seen the KFC Colonel Sanders clip.

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