Rust Dyeing

dyeing rust with red wine

rust and red wine

I’m in deep!

rust and red wine

rust and red wine

I have been thinking about writing a blog post about my adventures in rust dyeing, but I’m so into it, I can’t stop to put cohesive thoughts together

rust and black coffee

rust and black coffee

So here are a few photos to give you and idea of what is going on around here

black coffee

dyed with black coffee, before washing


after washing

rust, nails, vinegar, calico

calico, nails and white vinegar

rust dyeing

white vinegar, copper panel pins, rusty nails

I found some craft stranded threads for 40p a skein, made by Trimits, ideal for rust experiments

craft threads

I have made a start on stitching

rust textile art

copper panel pins, white vinegar and stitching

Must go and check on the pieces I left overnight…….

32 responses to “Rust Dyeing

  1. Interesting, a bit of this goes on in our house.

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  2. Ooh looks exciting, must start my rust box!

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  3. Love the looks you’re getting, especially with black coffee and wine (previous post). Am storing everything mentally awaiting getting my hands on some rustable materials-enlisted the aid of our capable in-house maintenance crew… Hoping they can come up with some interesting objects as I’ve no beach, etc., nearby. 😕

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  4. Wow! THAT is really interesting! My inner faerie is wanting to sparkle it up and add a splash of bright yellow………but I am seeing things from your Rust perspective. Now I have a new appreciation for my Dad’s old rags I keep in our garage. I kept them out of sentimentality, but after seeing this I just realized those rusty old rags are beautiful too!

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  5. Well, somebody’s having fun! I love what you’ve come up with so far but it’s a shame that big old rusty keys wouldn’t work – I have any number of those.

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    • Yes indeed – so much fun!
      The keys work – but not by giving you a rust picture of a key.
      I have got a few old flat Yale keys soaking in salt water hoping to turn them rusty.


  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    Fascinating 🙂

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  7. I love a good obsession. And this is a great one! ❤

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  8. Hopefully you won’t go rusty!

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  9. Cool! When you have settled down, I look forward to reading all about rusty dyeing.

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  10. I love how you are now stitching into the rust dyed fabrics. Mine still smells of vinegar, wondering about spraying it with perfume!

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  11. Wonderful – you’ll have to be careful not to o er excite me 😊

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  12. Your washing powder is obviously very good or did you just use water?! (4th & 5th photos) I can see you are having fun. Did the copper pins turn it green? Or do you need more time for that?

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    • I just rinsed it in salty water to fix the colour as much as possible and then in clean water.
      The copper has not tuned the farbric green but they are going green, so maybe in time the fabric around them will be affected. I haven’t washed that one at all, so it still smels slighyl vinegary – but i will leave it like that and just see what happens.

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  13. Can you locate any lumps of iron oxide? As small pebbles tied into cloth, it’d make a brilliant shibori pattern. I also have a vision of ghostly rusted keys… Must be careful, or you’ll drag me into this fascinating obsession of yours too…

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    • Come closer my pretty …….. mwahahahah!

      I love your thoughts and ideas Kate, I will try the sort of tie-dye idea you suggest. I have tried keys, but nothing great has come of it so far – it is all very hit and miss – but completely absorbing as a result. The patterns depend on direct contact and the rusty keys I have are not flat.
      If we lived closer I can see we would be in each other’s workrooms eagerly swapping ideas.


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