Fires in Australia


I would not normally post about things like this but these are extraordinary times.

It seems the government in Australia are largely responsible for the inability of the fire services to contain the bush fires that are causing so much devstation, because they have radically cut their funding. When Governments do not step up, we have to.

It is hard to know what we can do from this distance, but money can provide all sorts of resources that the Fire Fighters need. One messaged that they need more face masks to protect them from the fumes and volunteer Fire Fighters are having to pay for the petrol that goes into their fire trucks.

There are a few places to donate. The Red Cross being one. However I am sceptical of large organisations. I have been following Celeste Barber for a couple of years now and as far as you can trust anyone you only ‘met’ online, I trust her. This is where I have donated and I share this just in case you wanted to do something to help but didn’t know how to.

Celeste Barber on Facebook

Willing it to rain in Australia, wishing everyone involved safe.


25 responses to “Fires in Australia

  1. Just another comment from me.
    The animals are suffering incredibly. here are 3 links if any of your followers want to donate Sandra. The third one is for people too

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  2. Kate has just about said it all Sandra. If you look at a map of Australia the whole eastern seaboard forests have been burning since September. Combined with a long drought and now, high temperatures and North winds we have had them arrive in South east NSW and Victoria. Smoke readings in Melbourne were Hazardous on Friday and saturday but in Canberra and Sydney they have had weeks of that. Millions of native animals, birds and also insects have died including a significant percentage of Koalas. History will one day see the current Australian conservative federal Government confirmed as environmental criminals for their idealogical pro fossil fuel anti environment denials of Climate change. I think public pressure will win out in 2020 and these idiots will have had their day. These fires are unprecedented and our worst fire season times are in February so we don’t know what is coming. People across the world have to rise up and make their politicians be accountable to legislate for immediate actions to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and phase out fossil fuels asap. Australia is showing the world what the reality of climate change is.

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    • It is infuriating and terrifying what Governments do. I hope you get the changes you need. Yes, Australia is demonstrating what we all face if we do not turn this mess around. Fire and flood, tornados and cyclones, the elements are shouting as loudly as they can at us to change.


  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I hope, hope, hope that this event—so very, very terrible—will help with the world’s environmental awakening. Governments must step in, and so must individuals. We are all part of the problem, which means we can all help solve the problem. 2020 is the year I am looking hard at my own actions and am digging deep.

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  4. We will be grateful for any and all help. To be entirely fair about the fire situation, the government’s actions don’t help (nor indeed the fact that the PM and Emergency Services minister for NSW went on holiday overseas during the early part of this crisis), but years-long droughts and tinder-dry vegetation, an early storm season without rain but with frequent and multiple lightning strikes, enormous heat and strong winds, and a country nearly the size of the US but with a population only slightly larger than London making it virtually impossible to ‘control’ bushfires, even given twice the budget and twice the manpower.
    Some statistics:
    15 million acres of land burned, or 23,000 square miles. Over 2,500 buildings destroyed. At least 22 dead, probably more; they are still trying to find the missing. The armed forces are evacuating thousands. We are unlikely to have any serious rain until May. Where it doesn’t endanger life, sometimes, they just have to let it burn.

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  5. A country that is not funding the gas and supplies for firefighters — especially when there are raging fires happening — is evil.

    in 1999, Florida had many fires. Sometimes the air was so thick with smoke you couldn’t see. It was harrowing and we had a close call at our house. Firefighters from several states were sent to Florida to help out.

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