After the Fire

rust dyeing, slow stitching

It often surprises me how the piece of creativity I’m working on, reflects what I’m surrounded by or preoccupied with.

This piece of rust dyed fabric with a few simple stitches is a work in progress. It is suggesting scorched earth to me, and raindrops falling into puddles making ripples to quench and cool.

It connects me to Australia and Aboriginal art and my heartfelt yearning for those fires to calm and for people and wildlife to find safety.

Running stitch.

The ripples go out to cover the world – we are all connected.


23 responses to “After the Fire

  1. Beautiful the stitches and the thought of those ripples of peace spreading out to the troubled and stricken.

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  2. This is such an evocative piece of stitching, Sandra

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  3. Wonderful piece, both written and stitched.

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  4. Yes it does and it is an excellent piece! ❤

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  5. I love this piece.

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  6. That’s a lovely piece and sentiment!

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  7. Reminded me of volcanic craters seen from above! Lovely stitching.

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  8. Actually these are the most common colours on the ground after bushfires except when wildfire burns then its white /grey ash as the temperature can be 1000 oC

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