Rust Dyed Paper

Hello, it has been a bit quiet around here recently hasn’t it.

All is well for me and my family but I have a few friends needing support in various different ways just now which has meant my blogging mojo has gone on holiday.

Still plenty of crafting going on though and my obsession for rust dyeing has not waned. I can set up a pan of rusty pieces in the morning, go out for the day and find the magic on my return. It is truly amazing and completely addictive!

I hope you enjoy the little video.

Happy Sunday.

19 responses to “Rust Dyed Paper

  1. I think you sum up for many of us at this time Sandra. The world is ………………..There are some brews of rust in our laundry .

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  2. Yes, friends and family come first. That rust looks pretty snappy.

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  3. I’ve just returned and you have gone off for a bit – it happens to us all doesn’t it. I do love your rust dying – I’d love to have a go at something and let it become part of a painting……. that would be fun!

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  4. Glad to hear that all is well for you, Sandra. Your rust dying is really something. The possibilities are endless!

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  5. I don’t normally watch videos but I did with this one. A fascinating colour effect.

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  6. So wonderful to be able to help ones’ friends, and so wise to save a bit of time for yourself to unwind and renew your own spirit.   😘

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  7. A lovely treat for you to come home to after a day supporting your friends.

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  8. Good to see you still crafting. The rust looks terrific- I should like to try a much larger piece in the summer. It’s taken two months for the smell to go from the small samples!

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  9. The needs and care of family and friends must always come first. Glad you are still managing some you time with you new obsession.

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