Pastel Mandala Madness: Parts 6 to 9.

This photo shows the Throw right up to Part 18, but the colour order below is Parts 6 – 9crochet blanket, Mandala Madness, Scheepjes Stonewashed

I have been steadily making progress with my Pastel Mandala Madness (started in Spring 2017), made with Scheepjes Stonewashed Cotton and Acrylic mix yarn.

It is Sport/Baby weight, whatever that means. I think it is somewhere between 4ply and DK. I am using a 3.5mm hook.

The colours, and the row-by-row order up until Round 42, are listed on my first post about this blanket/throw here.

And now for the colour order up until the end of Part 9:


Part 6

Round 43, 44, 45    Axinite

Round 46    Moonstone

Part 7

Round 47, 48   Moonstone

Round 49   Pink Quartzite

Round 50, 51, 52   Moonstone


Part 8

Round 53   Pink Quartzite

Round 54, 55   Rose Quartz

Round 56, 57  Pink Quartzite

Part 9

Round 58, 59   Moonstone

Round 60    Crystal Quartz

Round 61    Amazonite

Round 62    Larimar

Round 63.  Pink Quartzite


I do love this yarn, but it is not cheap. Well worth it though as the colours and the feel of it are delicious.



37 responses to “Pastel Mandala Madness: Parts 6 to 9.

  1. Omg!! It looks so good and detailed!! Love it♥️👌

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  2. Such pretty colours, even their names are lovely. Very nice work!

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  3. The more creative projects going the better . That is my wife’s motto.

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  4. So very beautiful, this one may be my favorite one. The colors just make me warm and happy!

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  5. I’m in awe of the skill in making this. and it’s beauty. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow


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  7. This is so pretty, Sandra, and I really like the varied textures as well as the colours

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  8. You are the crochet queen!! This is so beautiful! Can you imagine how much that brand costs to buy here – if it’s pricey in the UK it will be exorbitant here….. double the number, add another 30 – 40% for all the import expenses, duties and taxes etc and another 15% sales and possibly that’s the retail price of a ball of Scheepjes. I do remember looking for it once, feeling faint at the cost and exiting stage left rather quickly. I’ve blanked the full experience 😀

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    • You are lovely Pauline, thank you. I think it is a Dutch company – your comment makes me wonder about how much it costs in Holland. If I ever go I must remember to visit a yarn shop and compare prices.

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  9. The intricacy of this pattern makes my eyes water! And they’re impressing me with your crocheting skills and tenacity, to tackle such a long and involved project. But as I’ve experienced none of the family ties you have, perhaps that’s not unusual. 😘

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  10. I think this might be my favourite of your Mandala Madnesses so far – the colours remind me of those spongy, twisted marshmallow like sweets you sometimes see.
    I’m with you on the Scheepjes yarn – I love it, so soft and nice to work with.

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  11. So true! The colors are absolutely delicious.

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  12. I didn’t realise you were still working on it. Very pretty. I especially like the little cluster of three leaves and the rays. Well that’s what it suggests to me. All the Scheepjes yarn is rather pricey isn’t it.

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  13. gorgeous!

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  14. Going Batty in Wales

    I love the colours. What do you do with them once they are finished – hang them on a wall, use them as table centres…?

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    • I have made one for each of my 8 grandchildren. They have them as bedpsreads and snuggle under them to watch TV.
      My daughter and nieces have them as bedspreads.
      This one is destined for my daughter-in-law who loves the colours and will use it as a throw for her sofa.
      If you would like to see the others, go to my THROW page – link in the banner at the top.
      I am currently making one for myself to go on the wall.


      • Going Batty in Wales

        I hadn’t realised they were that big. I will certainly visit the throw page. But why do we always make for other people first and ourselves last? I hope you enjoy both making and looking at your own.

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  15. This is amazing. Every time you show one of your crochet mandalas my heart goes pitty patter.

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  16. It’s gorgeous and looks so intricate. The colours are very pretty indeed.

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    • I agree it does look intricate, but the video tutorials are fantastic and take you through each stitch step by step. Such a huge sense of satisfaction when it is done. This is my 4th Mandala Madness.


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