Textile Tuesday: Rusty Delights

Hello Everyone and welcome to February’s gathering of Textiles on this, our second Textile Tuesday Photo Challenge of 2020.

Have you got any textiles you are working on, or have you found any when out and about? Archive posts are welcome.

Just leave a link in the comments to join in.

textile art, Joomchi, rust-dyed paper

In another life I would be a Lichenologist

I still can’t leave Rust Dyeing alone. The serendipitousness (? !) of it has taken me hostage and will not let me go!

It is so tempting to just keep dyeing, the results are so exciting but at last I have three finished pieces to share with you.

textile art, rust-dyeing, mixed media

Desert Rendezvous

The rust-dyed Mulberry Paper in the first piece reminded me of tree bark.

The second one, using rust-dyed curtain lining, reminded me of the desert scenes my son sent me when he was running in the Sahara.

The third became a lament for the devastation created by the recent fires in Australia. The turquoise represents hope and water and new life returning.

textile art, slow stitching, embroidery

After the Fire

I am thinking of painting the background canvas for this one an Uluru Red.

Eventually they will all be for sale, I am working towards getting enough together for an exhibition. When I say ‘working towards’ – the main work to be done is getting my mind round the whole idea of exhibiting and all that goes with it, but I would like to see my work all presented together somewhere, sometime. It will happen when the time is right.


I am really looking forward to seeing the Textiles you would like to share with us on




28 responses to “Textile Tuesday: Rusty Delights

  1. There is always the sense of mystery with rust dyeing. Great work.

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  2. Fascinating effects Sandra, and yes it does capture the artists interest and throws out challenges.

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  3. You could have a show, these are truly amazing!

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  4. These are all very good, in different ways, and I’m hard pressed to decide which one I like best. I do hope you have an exhibit of your work, as you’ve used different mediums, and done beautiful work in them. They deserve a wider audience!
    My late post is over here: https://wp.me/p2ynvT-2Nv

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  6. helenmatheyhornbooks

    Your work is so interesting! Love checking on what you are doing.

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  7. Lovely. You’ve taken serendipity and have embellished it so that it’s anything but accidental. Thoughtful, creative, restrained and exquisite.

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  8. Beautiful work Sandra! Most especially the Oz fire themed one -perhaps as its so topical and tragic it really strikes a chord. How wonderful to be contemplating an exhibition and the very best wishes for the very best outcome for that are sent from over here โค

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  9. Fabulous, especially “After the Fire.” Very moving. Good luck with that exhibition!

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  10. I can understand your fascination with rust dyeing – the results are beautiful. Do you have a theme in mind when you begin or do you just ‘see where the rust takes you’ ?

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  11. Should have said that I especially like the last one and the sentiments it expresses.

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  12. If you sell them then there will lots of reasons to make more!

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  13. I can quite see why you can’t let this go, it’s a super technique that offers something different for exploration each time. Keep on, it’s stupendous!

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  14. Love all the pieces. Good luck with the exhibition, it will be marveloous. Here is the link to my post.

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