Is it a Hat, is it a Wig?

chemo wig, crochet, hat, wig

My latest variation of one of my basic hat/wig patterns.

Here is the originalcrochet wig

I have added rows of DK yarn in between the main rows of the chunky yarn.crochet chemo wig

I’m thinking I might make another with multicolured yarns of all different weights – it could be a great stash-buster.

The hat/wigs have been worn for fancy dress:  a multi-coloured one, modelled here by my lovely daughter-in-law

fancy dress, crochet wig

They have been bought for wearing in college plays, as fun chemo wigs, by my nephew and his mates on a zany night out and of course Halloween

Cruella Deville anyone

fancy dress wig

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along

The book I am re-reading and the moment is  Tao of Pooh

An oldie but goodie.

30 responses to “Is it a Hat, is it a Wig?

  1. I absolutely LOVE those hat/wigs! Could have used something like that when I was wearing my hair very short!


  2. What fun! Both kinds. If I were going through chemo, I’d definitely want one … and might anyway.

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  3. Definately wigs, the second one must be a refugee from Trump.

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  4. I have the sequel the Te of Piglet as well as the Tao of Pooh. Shame hat is for chunky. Would look great in many colours but my stash is mainly DK yarn.

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  5. Wigs. Hats. I don’t think it matters which they are. They are fabulous. (popping over from Ginny’s Yarn Along)

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  6. I would call it a fabulously fun way of keeping warm in the wild and woolly withering winter!

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  7. Love the teal version with the different weights of yarn – and multicoloured would also be worth a look too. I still have that book too, one of the few older ones I hung onto 🙂

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  8. Going Batty in Wales

    The hat is great! what fun!

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  9. That hat looks smashing on your daughter-in-law, who clearly likes bright colors.

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  10. Those are fun! I like the texture created by the different yarns.

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  11. I like the teal one. It reminds me of the swimming hats my ‘posh’ auntie used to wear in the 60s.

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  12. Fun hats/wigs, and I’d never heard of the book!

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  13. I think you should offer that teal one to the Ovarian Cancer guys in the UK for one of their fundraising events!

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  14. Murtagh's Meadow

    Fabulous. I used to have that book. I have no idea where it is gone🙂

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