Wigs and Blankets

Attic24 Dahlia crochet along

As Storm Dennis rages outside and local social media is full of trees falling on cars, high banks sliding across country lanes and coast paths collapsing, I am staying safe and cosy, warming myself up with a wonderful array of oranges, pinks and purples.

The blanket above is my version of Attic24’s current Dahlia inspired Crochet Along. I have been loosely following Lucy’s Colourwash version. I just can’t resist playing around with the colours, using the way Lucy puts colours together as a jumping off point.

This is the 6th or 7th Attic24 Crochet Along I have been part of and I can highly recommend them. They are always rich in warmth and a sense of community, especially if you follow Lucy’s blog and the Hooked on Attic24 Facebook Group.

The first CAL I joined in with was the Cosy Stripe ; then the Neat Ripple, link to Lucy’s pattern here ; the Neat Wave, Lucy used Moorland Colours, I made mine in Dorset Summer Hedgerow Colours; the Woodland Blanket was one of my favourites; and last year was the Sweet Pea inspired Trellis Stitch blanket.

pink wig, chemo hat, funky, crochet

As the rain beats against the windows and the wind plays music with my photovoltaic roof panels, I have been finishing off a few wig W.I.P.s

funky chemo wig, pink and orange, crochet

This wig is to add to my collection of variations on my Curly Wig. The basic pattern can be found on Etsy and Ravelry.

This new version could be just the thing to keep the ears warm on a day like today.

Stay Safe and Cosy.


27 responses to “Wigs and Blankets

  1. Absolutely love those colours together!

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  2. The wig and blanket are beautiful. But that storm! Oh, my! Hope there is no damage done to your property. Or to your family’s! Has anyone lost their power? With a storm like that, we would be without power for a week.


  3. Lovely crochet projects, and like you, I would want to have a play with blanket colours. So good to hear you’re safe and being constructive at home. xx

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    It was quite some storm! I am very sheltered here but the trees in the garden were thrashing around rather alarmingly and now the roads have loads of debris on them – gravel twigs and rotten branches. Luckily no real damage for me and like you I stayed home. There is something lovely about cwtching in by the fire while a storm rages outside! And thjose lovbely warm colours must have made it seem even cosier!

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  5. Gorgeous warm colours. Hope you got through the night safely.

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    • Yes – phew – all’s well here, but I am not venturing out to see what is going on in the rest of the village – another day of crafting for me in front of the fire!
      Thank you Cathy.


  6. I’ve been watching the news on the storms – looks horrendous in some places. I’ve got a sister in Wales and both daughters are in Bournemouth area but they’ve all only had strong winds and rain but no flooding or things falling on them thankfully.
    No better excuse than to tuck yourself up with some crochet though is there?

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    • Absolutely! Perfect excuse. I do hope your sister and daughters continue to miss the worst of it. I don’t have to go anywhere until Wednesday, by which time I hope all the trees that are ready to topple have toppled and the rivers have calmed down a bit.


  7. One way to stay warm. Sounds bit like Climate change extremes outside , pity about the storm’s name though.

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  8. I hope you stay cosy and warm – and dry while storm Dennis does his thing. We got off lightly with our latest storm. Which simply means others didn’t, so I try to be very grateful every time disaster threatens and then retreats quietly 🙂 I love your wigs – if I had a reason I’d buy one. I hope you make many sales despite me not having a reason. xo

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    • With so many trees falling across the roads I normally drive along, I’m glad the storm happened over the weekend when I can easily hunker down at home. Thank you for your good wishes.
      The patterns for the wigs sell in a nice steady trickle, which is fab as it gives me the funds to buy more yarn!

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  9. Is your wig made with leftovers from the Dahlia blanket? It is very attractive. I can understand the desire to play around with the blanket colours, I would feel the same.

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    • The wig has a Stylecraft Chunky base and every other row in pink chunky. Then alternate rows are made with Stylecraft Special DK in pinks and oranges. Not Dahlia left overs but I thought the two projects went well together. I do love pink and orange together – they make me feel warm and happy! 🙂

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  10. I love the colours and patterns in the blanket. I’m safe and cosy at the moment but have to venture out later. Weirdly we have not seen much sustained rain or wind from Dennis yet and after a brief flurry a few minutes ago, the sky is blue!

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