On Thursday, a brief break in the relentless rain saw me donning my wellies and making a dash for it – catching a walk in the sunshine before it disappeared again.

Gorse in the hedgerows is always a cheery sight.


I walked straight out across the fields and looked back towards my house across the very soggy land


But I am so lucky compared with the thousands of people who have had their lives disrupted by the floods.

Then, into the woods


I can’t quite explain the sheer joy of seeing sunshine slanting through the clumps of hazel, it made me feel like a woodland sprite skipping over sunbeams.


Bluebell shoots!


And the sky went all bluebell too


with catkins!


My whole being was soaking up all this light and joy, making up for months of grey, wind and wet.

Peeping through the trees at the fields looking so green in the sunshine


and of course the obligatory photos of lichen – I am so fascinated by this stuff – I am convinced it holds secrets and answers and healing properties as yet untapped


Moss is nearly as fascinating


but doesn’t hold the magic of lichen.

I do hope you have been able to catch some sunbeams in your neck of the woods.

45 responses to “Spring?

  1. A lovely photo essay Sandra and it certainly looks fresh and green, nothing like the last days of Winter.

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  2. That walk through the woods looks so inviting – and I am with you on the moss and lichen!

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    The sun makes all the difference doesn’t it. Let hope the rain stops soon.

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  4. We saw the most stunning pink blossoms at Belton House the other day, even though it was raining it made us feel all springy!

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  5. So enjoyed going on a walk with you. In Maine, the sky has been a brilliant blue, a color we only get in January and Bradbury when it’s very cold. Hope we get some pictures of the bluebells when they are in bloom. I, too, like moss and lichen and all the small things that often get overlooked.

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  6. Love your photos! Yes, we’ve had glorious sunshine yesterday and today, but very frigid temps for down south. Barely above freezing yesterday, but supposed to be warmer today, and still warmer tomorrow. Peeps here are NOT used to frozen water trapping their car tires and doors first thing of a morning.
    Am sooo glad you’ve had peeps of bluebells and such, and thank you for catkins, and gorse! Had no idea gorse had yellow flowers! 🌞 πŸ₯°

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  7. Looks a great walk not sure I’ve seen blue sky round here. I too find lichen fascinating.

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  8. How lovely to get out and about. Waiting patiently for the winds to drop enough here in the west of Wales.

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  9. Lichen is always interesting, but I find the magick of moss most mysterious!

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  10. Beautiful 😊

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  11. We are still in the grip of a long, hot, humid summer of storms, floods and fires. It’ll end at some stage, but there’s no sign of it abating yet. I can’t believe you’re seeing signs of spring already up there. Surely March is the month for tiny shoots and shy flowers and the beginning of shreds of blue sky…? Just occasionally, I miss the cold!

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  12. We had the tiniest glimpse of blue sun too but I could hardly support my weight with this lurgy to get out and enjoy it. Thank you for your little walk and the photos.

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  13. Great photos. I also find lichen fascinating,something about the colour and the shapes. i hope you get even more bluebell skies over there – enough with the storms!!

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    • Yes ENOUGH!
      Lichen can grow almost anywhere – it grows on my car! That must make it worth more investigation – if I was given another life, lichenology would be on my list of things to do.
      Here’s to more bluebell skies for both of us.

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  14. Lovely pictures! Finally we have blue skies today!

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