Making Rainbows


crochet rainbowWhen the world gives you Storms, make rainbows.

Attic24’s Neat Ripple Blanket and size 4.5mm hook.

Mostly using Stylecraft Special Double Knit  (SSDK) but having to add other colours from different ranges to get the effect my 10 year old grandson, Big Bro, wants.

I am making a blanket for each of my grandchildren – this is the 8th and last one.

I show 6 of them here.

The 7th was one made for Big Sis, she also wanted Rainbow colours.

The pattern is Amanzi by Jen Tyler, but I did my own variation on the edge.

Amanzi blanket, crochet, Jen Tyler design


Colour order for the Neat Ripple Rainbow (not the Amanzi) for the first 30 rows.

There are 2 rows of each colour:

Turquoise SSDK

Azure –  Hayfield Bonus DK, Extra Value (0824)

Petrol – James C Brett or  Geraardsbergen (2011) Scheepjes Colour Crafter  (blue)

Empire SSDK


Green SSDK

Grass Green SSDK

Sunshine SSDK

Bright Orange –  James C Brett

Matador SSDK

Fuchsia Purple SSDK

Raspberry SSDK

Orchid – King Cole Pricewise DK

Purple – King Cole Pricewise DK

Royal SSDK


30 responses to “Making Rainbows

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  2. Striking strength of colours in this work Sandra.

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  3. You can’t beat a rainbow 🌈 I love your ripple x

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  4. They are so lovely. Your blog makes me want to do better at crochet. I think this might be one of the things I set myself to achieve before my next zero birthday.

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  5. Big Bro has GREAT taste and colour sense🌈 ❣️

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    Those are so lovely and colourful! I love rainbows and often use them as a colouray – absolutely foolproof!

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  7. Lovely! I’m just about to finish another Attic 24 stripey blanket myself and then I must stop. I have too many blankets and not enough (i.e. none) grandchildren.

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    • 🙂
      Crochet blankets are so lovely to snuggle up under though aren’t they.
      I make a nest of them for myself in the evenings.
      I have even started making them for the children of my friends, and then there are nieces and nephews ….. addicted!

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow


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  9. Wow! So vivid and strong and happy!

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  10. One of the prettiest rainbows I have ever seen!

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  11. Such a beautiful rainbow!

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  12. Lovely and cheery in this ultra grey season we’re having.

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  13. oh wow! gorgeous rainbow!

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  14. Rainbows always make me smile. A nice flow of colours.

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  15. Lovely colours, he will love it. Still raining up north.

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