Field Art

maize stubble

I set out across the field thinking that a field after maize is a bleak sight, devoid of creative opportunities. …

….and then I started noticing details in the hedgerow

pussy willow

Pussy willow, so magical in the sunshine. This photo was taken with my phone, isn’t it remarkable how technology has moved on in such a short time.

Looking up against the sky, lifted my spirits

pussy willow against a blue sky

My mind translated this picture into stitch: running stitch, fly stitch, couching and French Knots.

With stitching in mind the patterns of trees against the sky and the maize stubble became more intriguingwinter sky

mark making

the mark-making danced in front of me turning into pattern and linerandom

This mix of random shapes, which hold a sort of rhythm is what I am aiming for in my pieces of textile art – I haven’t quite got there yet but now I’m inspired by these images to have another go.maize stubble abstracted

Joining in with is great theme:

I’m sure you too have found inspiration in unexpected places……


35 responses to “Field Art

  1. It was interesting to see the ideas develop. The last shot is almost disorienting, but in a good way!

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  2. Yours is an unusual and inspiring response to Art Unexpected. I can see how the repetitive pattern of reeds in water could be an amazing textile pattern. Thanks for joining the challenge. I hope to see your final product one day. Cheers – Sandy

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  3. What wonderful photos you have for this challenge πŸ˜€

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    That is a brilliant post! Note to self – get back to doing some embroidery using nature as inspiration!

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  5. Those maize stalks look like runes!

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  6. What a thought provoking post, Sandra!

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  7. I love the way your mind works, seeing stitch patterns in nature. And what a fantastic pattern the maize stubble makes!

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  8. Fascinating observations and great photographs. If I had fields like that so close I’d be out every day.

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  9. Glorious photos. I love the ones with the stubble and water. yes I do find inspiration in odd places. For example moss, fungi, lobster pots, and of course our favourite rust!

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  10. I’m always looking for pattern and texture in nature! (And hearts, spirals, etc.) I love your photos … and I’m envious that you already have pussy willows out!

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  11. Patterns in nature can truly be wonderful to photograph and an inspiration. Loved seeing your journey in the wintry fields. Those pussy willows are lovely, Sandra.

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  12. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wonderful inspiration

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  13. You do have fun on your walks don’t you. 😊

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  14. Keenly observed Sandra, and very enjoyable 😊

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