Not so Silent Sunday

The view from my bedroom window just now.


Volume up.

When will it end!


31 responses to “Not so Silent Sunday

  1. We had the hail on Friday. It came out of no where. Saw a little child of a bout three with his mouth open trying to catch the hail stones. It gave me a laugh. Calm here this morning but more high winds expected.

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  2. Wow, looks cold! Speaking of which, our journey today has taken us up 1300m above sea level and down 10Β°C in temperature. I’m sitting in the caravan in a hoodie, woolly socks, a hot water bottle and under a wool blanket. And it’s still summer Down Under, just not in this neck of the woods.

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  3. Holy cats, what a sound! Hope it didn’t last long.

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  4. Crikey
    So cheesed off with all this

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  5. That was our entire spring last year – gale force winds constantly and wet, wet, wet, wet! I thought it would never end. But eventually we got a month of summer and now Autumn is underway again……… I hope you have it easier. Your view is beautiful however, no matter the weather ❀

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  6. We’ve had some corkers here this Winter too, going on for ages. Thankfully, small hail stones.

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  7. We’re having the same. When the sun shines it’s so lovely, and the days are growing longer! Must hang on to what we can. 😟

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  8. So sorry! Try to remember how lovely your garden will be after all the rain… (Hope your bulbs aren’t poking up and getting squidgy just now). Sending you loads of 🌞 🌈 🌞 🌈 🌞 🌈

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  9. Hope it doesn’t last too long and you start to get some spring weather soon.

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  10. You must have sent it our way! I was just coming home from town and the sky grew dark and then there was a deluge. No hail but I bet it was the same lot of clouds.

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  11. Gosh, that’s wild. Sunny, Spring day still here in Leeds.

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  12. Oh my- blue skies and wind here!

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