In a Vase on Monday

I love this meme

spring vase

but life gets in the way sometimes – the last few months have been ridiculously complicated with family stuff to sort out – nothing bad – just a lot!

Being creative is my way of coping, but I don’t seem to have enough free time and head space to write about it.

Today I put a posy together to take to a friend.

I splashed across my puddle of a garden to see what blooms I could find.

Hebe, cerinthe, daffs, viburnum and pulmonaria.

All popped into a little glass mustard jar. My friend placed them in the middle of the table while six of us who have known each other since our teenage years had lunch together. What a happy oasis in a crowded time, and glancing at these little flowers every so often gave me such a feeling of joy and calm.

Joining Cathy and her happy band of gardeners from around the world.

15 responses to “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Going Batty in Wales

    I particularly appreciate flowers this early in the year. Those are lovely and isn’t it nice to have a meal with friends?


  2. Lucky friend and what a delightful lunch! Six friends who have known each other since teenage years. You all have a knack for friendship, that’s for sure.


  3. Beautiful post. My cerinthe always self seeds in the most awkward of places like paths. Never where it would be safe!


  4. What a beautiful arrangement. Magical.


  5. A very impressive bunch of flowers for March.

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  6. How lovely these are, and so nice of you to take the time to share with us. Even when we don’t hear from you I know you’re busy creating, if only mentally. 😉 Take care!

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  7. Kris Peterson

    Flowers and lunch with friends – that’s the very best way to spend an afternoon! I love the Hebe – I have one called ‘Purple Shamrock’ which looks similar.


  8. What a lovely centrepiece that was for your get together, and I am glad it provided some solace in the midst of all that other stuff

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  9. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love the colour combinations

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