Thoughtful Thursday

The Great Wave

The Great Wave by Hokusai

reversed …..

the wave reversedThe Japanese read things from right to left so this is how they would ‘read’ the print of The Wave, by Hokusai.

The focus is more about the boats heading into the wave.

(this is a photo I took of the picture on my computer screen, then flipped it).

For years I looked at The Wave and hardly noticed the boats and the people in them.

Now I see the picture differently

The Great Wave

I wonder how this affects our cultural differences in many and various subtle ways.

18 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. helenmatheyhornbooks

    Left to Right it is more ‘threatening’ as it seems the wave is ‘sneaking up’ (to me) but R to L not so much. More like ‘in your face’ and the humans are ‘braving’ the wave. Thanks for this information. I lived in Japan a few years and hadn’t thought about reading pictures in the correct direction. Our personal preferences(prejudices?) are so subtly ingrained. lol

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    • Yes! You describe the two different feelings just as I see them.
      You lived in Japan!!!!!!!!
      Oh my word! How delightful. I loved Japan – I went there in November 2015.
      There are some blog posts from that time on here.
      Were you working there?
      I’d love to go back.


  2. Fascinating is right! When the direction is changed, it’s a completely different picture. Thanks for giving me a another perspective.

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  3. What an interesting point!

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    • I came across this idea a couple of years ago and it really made me think. I posted today because my Granddaughter, Big Sis, aged 10 is doing a project on the print at school. We were chattig about it at the weekend. I sent her my photos and wondered if any Wild Daffodil readers would be interested as well.

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  4. Thought provoking, as your posts often are, Sandra

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  5. Still trying to decide if the people are heading into the wave or frantically rowing away.

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  6. Interesting notion. I wonder if it applies to other paintings if you reverse them.

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  7. I do find it more comfortable to look at reversed. Probably for exactly the reason you say, we read left to right and it flows better for us.

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