Sofa Repair

My son and daughter-in-law have a cute sofa, but the seams had come apart on the seatsofa repair

It was going to cost a small fortune to have it recovered and they couldn’t find anyone to repair it ……… Granny to the rescue!


I already had some bias binding, so I bound the frayed edges.herringbone stitch for mending

And brought them together with stitching


The bigger split could not be pulled together, so I sewed in a layer of fabric underneath the hole.

sofa repair

I went over the L-shaped repair with another layer of binding to reinforce, and then sewed on patches of new material with hem stitch done with a curved needle.patching upholstery

I gave each patch an iron to finish off. Not the most professional job, but it was very satisfying to know I have given the sofa a new lease of life.

And I have saved the left over bits of spotty fabric should any more holes appear.

The best bit was when Little Bro (7) thanked me so much for mending their sofa.


29 responses to “Sofa Repair

  1. A gran(d) save indeed❣️

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    Clever and you have saved them a fortune:)

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  3. So cute, and so crafty!

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  4. That was a genius job, Granny!

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  5. Impressed! I had to scroll back to the top picture to see where you had patched it. Granny to the rescue indeed! How I admire your nimble fingers.

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  6. Bless Little Bro’. You did a stirling job on a very pretty sofa. How did you resist using rust stained fabric and a boro repair?

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    That is a lovely sofa and I can quite see why they wanted to be able to keep it. You made a really clever mend there. I have made loose covers in the past but never repaired something that is fixed down which is much trickier.

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  8. Oh, I wish I’d known… I think I actually have some of that exact rose fabric. I could have sent it to you, for an international mending cooperative effort πŸ™‚

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  9. Is there anything you can’t do? There must be something, surely?

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  10. I can see why they didn’t want to lose the sofa. Lucky you had the spotted material which fits with the rest. And a curved needle, is that what they are for, sewing stiff things from one side? Never used one.

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  11. that’s a brilliant repair job!

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  12. Clever Granny! I love that sofa – no wonder they wanted it repaired. You’ve done a great job.

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