Look what I found, hanging in my fig tree!

barbed-wire dreamcatcher

My wonderful son-in-law is a farmer and he was clearing away an old rusty fence. Knowing how much I love rust, he wrapped some into a Dreamcatcher for me and hung it in my Fig Tree.

He also left another bundle of rust for me to cut up and use.

I am so delighted with the thought and the time he put into this in his busy day.

When I thanked him for the time, the thought, the gift, he said, “I like supporting your crazy arty-crafty ways”!

How lucky am I!


38 responses to “Dreamcatcher

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  4. what a thoughtful son-in-law!

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    To think I see wire lying around and never see the creative side of it – this looks lovely:)

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    That is lovely, uses up something that would otherwise probably go to waste, made you smile, showed his love and you passed it on to all of us! Fantastic!

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  8. You’ve obviously got a great son-in-law. Thoughtfully made too.

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  9. Boy oh boy, did this make me smile! Much needed in this awful time of the Coronavirus.

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  10. Such a heart-warming prezzie! 🥰
    Thanks so much for magnifying the goodness by sharing it with us.

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  11. A fabulous gift and a lovely SIL. He did a great job. I think rust should be the official gift of Friday the 13th!

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  12. That is just sweet!

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  13. Creative and thoughtful. What a lovely thing to do for you indeed.

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  14. You are most lucky! What a beautiful thoughtful gesture.

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  15. he’s a keeper 😉

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  16. What a lovely thing to do for you – it must have made your day.

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  17. Tell your daughter her husband is a keeper!

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  18. You have a fab Son in law. My Son often gives me ‘finds’ such as blown down birds nests, rusty metal, interesting pieces of wood etc…I’m always picking up rusty nuts, bolts, washers, bits of metal…..I love the dream catcher he made for you! 🙂

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  19. What a dream of a SIL! Such a sweet and touching thing to do…

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