Happy Mothers Day

This is a photo of my Grandmother with my father on her knee.


24 responses to “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Beautiful! And it looks like so long ago. I, too, love the swirl of ducks and chickens around them. I also like the way your grandmother’s head is tilted.

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  2. Lovely photo, and special memories for you. Happy Mother’s Day! 🍷 💐 🍰

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  3. Happy Mothers Day, Sandra! I’ll just adopt you today!

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  4. Lisa Greenbow

    Happy Mothers day to you. I love this old photo. It is obviously a treasure.

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  5. Lovely photo. Happy Mothering Sunday 🌷

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    Happy Mothers Day to you too! At least these days we have email, skype, whats app and so on. My kids have sent electronic messages as we can’t meet up. Love the picture of your mother – a lady after my own heart.

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  7. It’s been 36 years, but I still miss my Ma. And I have no children of my own, so Mother’s Day rather passes me by…. I’m a bit envious of those with grown children and grands.

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    • Gosh, your Ma died young Kate. That must have been tough.
      My mother is 91 but so far along the dementia route that she has no knowledge of things going on around her.
      Mother’s Day is very strange this year as we are all in isolation.
      I do feel very lucky, and I never take for granted what I have.


  8. Happy Mothers Day- lovely rural scene.

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    • Doing some family history research has shown me that my father’s parents were from Dorset farming families going back into the 1500s and therefore, most probably way beyond that. I am rock solidly a Yokel!

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  9. That’s lovely! What year would that have been?

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  10. Wonderful, I love the way that it isn’t a posed studio photo as many were from those days so your father and grandmother are surrounded by the ducks and chickens.

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