On having the virus .. and coming out the other side

Sensible advice from someone who has recovered from Covid 19

Sarah Salway

This isn’t a post I’d ever want to write, but it’s also a post I’m delighted to write. Because I’m now home from hospital after recovering from serious virus-related pneumonia. I’d been ill for a week beforehand so had – luckily – been in isolation, I’d felt I was recovering but then started coughing non-stop, became breathless and eventually dialled 111 who sent paramedics.

I’ve been trying to work out how I can usefully share this information with everyone – I certainly don’t need sympathy now. Yes, it was one of the most scariest, loneliest and grim experiences I’ve ever had, but I’m one of the lucky ones. SO LUCKY.

However, there are things I learnt which I can share – so please do feel free to ask any questions you may have. I know there’s a difference between reading cold information and talking to someone who has been through…

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21 responses to “On having the virus .. and coming out the other side

  1. Glad you are on the mend 🌈

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  2. Many thanks for sharing this! As the Contented Crafter noted, it was scary read but an informative one. Stay safe, be well, and hugs from across the Atlantic.

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    Thank you for sharing this. Here’s hoping we all realise now who are the most valuable people in our society and reward them better.

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  4. As someone whose biggest fear is not being able to breathe and who has had two minor bouts of breathing affected viruses laltely (Flu in the autumn and a Cold at the beginning of March) I found I already knew all those good pieces of advice in the article but felt that I could add a couple more. The first one is “Open a Window”. There is more oxygen out there than is probably indoors if the windows are closed. Lean out if necessary initially. The second is “Steam”. Take a hot shower and breathe in the warm moist air. Make a cup of peppermint tea and have hydration (warm drinks are better than cold apparently) plus the steam rising from the cup and the peppermint that also has a positive effect. You might even try coffee if you drink it. On an episode of Quantum Leap years ago they used strong coffee to help someone with asthma until they could get to some medicine. I think there is some basis for this. Obviously none of this is an alternative to contacting 111 if your breathing gets really bad but could help with less serious issues.

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    • Thank you SO MUCH Jane.
      Great tips, I know about steam and fresh air, but wonder if I would have thought of them if you had not reminded me.
      I didn’t know about coffee, so that is definitely worth a try if needs be.
      Really helpful.
      Take care. ❤

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  5. It feels wrong to say “it was good to read this” because she’s suffered so much, but we all need to read stuff like this to make the terror real, so we take it truly seriously. We can be this sick, or we can die. It’s real. Thank you for sharing it.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this. Valuable advice in this post.

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  7. just wow, on her circumstances within “It” and the notion “you can get better, but ever so slowly” … at least now she is home, well I think she is.

    It may leave her chronic health issues, which is what happened to me after a major group of issues back in the early 1990s and it remains “chronic – and it waxes and wanes…one day I can do anything, the next nothing. That’s only a part of my health issues, the rest have medications – this original one works on “self-management”

    It’s a reminder to us all, that to get through anything including this virus, we pay attention. I in particular have, because of my usual fragile health. But I don’t have anyone else in my bubble, which means I work hard to keep topside and just get the most basic of food needs via my “helper who isn’t next door” and the online meals…

    Thanks for sharing her post…

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  8. Thank you so much for sharing, what you must have been through I cannot imagine. The information about breathing I will be passing on to loved ones. Very glad you are home and safe – I hope you get lots of rest and make a steady recovery xxx

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  9. That was both a scary read and an informative one, thanks for sharing it Sandra. I appreciate it xoxo

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