Amelan Cheer!

In a Vase on Monday, amelanchier, cerinthe, pulmonaria

Joining Cathy and gardeners in the UK, America, Australia, Italy and elsewhere and popping a few blooms from our gardens into a Vase on Monday. (link later)

Amelanchier, pulmonaria and cerinthe in glass vases. The dinky one on the right is a discarded Victorian ink pot I found in my garden about 45 years ago when I lived in an old thatched cottage at White Horse Farm.

The leaves of the amelanchier are a rusty brown so, of course, they reminded me of the rusty wire my star of son-in-law gave me.

Those of us with gardens are the lucky ones in these lockdown days. I am so grateful and thoroughly enjoying immersing myself in mine.

Looking up through the amelanchier at a blue sky tells me that Spring has sprung


I have transplanted some strawberries into one of my waist-high bedsstrawberry plants

and sown some salad leaves in the other one

sparrow scarer

The tinsel is to keep the pesky sparrows away – will it work I wonder?

A beautiful pink anemone has appeared in the garden, I can’t remember where I got it from, but I just love itanemonep

pink anemone

anemone and crab spider

Can you see the little white crab spider

anemone and crab spider

A spider that does not make a web – fascinating.

I hope you are able to enjoy a garden or park, or at least have a walk that takes you past other gardens.

Also joining Cee’s Flower of the Day.

37 responses to “Amelan Cheer!

  1. Beautiful amelanchier – and what a superb and unusual pink anemone as well!

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  2. That blue sky as a backdrop is wonderful! Hope you get more of it this week and the blossom lasts a while. 😃

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  4. Those are lovely pink anemones! The garden is such a retreat in all this, isn’t it?

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Your Amelanchier is ahead of ours – but hope ours will flower this week. Your arrangement is lovely.

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  6. That anemone is really lovely, a bit as if the petals have been tie-dyed.

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  7. Look at your stunning blue sky! And of course all the beautiful blossoms! It looks like spring has finally sprung! Love from the cooling half of our earth xoxo

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  8. Oh what gorgeous photos you have for today 😀 😀

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  9. You have managed to photograph your amelanchier against a cloudless blue sky – the very best way to show it off, and not something I have managed this year. It looks stunning in a vase, doesn’t it? Do let me know how long it lasts before drooping. Your anemone is gorgeous and I hope it stays for you. Hope you and your family are all well, Sandra

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  10. What a lovely ink pot- the only thing I find buried here are bits of clay pipes. It is good to get outside in the sunshine. Love the pretties to deter the sparrows.

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    • We are lucky to be able to get out into our gardens aren’t we. Do you keep the clay pipes? The beaches of the Thames have loads of them and at low tide the lapping water makes them tinkle with the loveliest gentle music.


  11. I found that little white spider. Beautiful flowers! And what a sweet inkwell vase. Glad you can get out in your garden. Our Brooklyn daughter has been confined to her small apartment for the past two weeks and will likely be doing so for much longer. She’s handling it very well but wishes she had a little outside yard where she could go and enjoy spring.

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  12. How wonderful to find a beautiful old inkwell in the garden! With the lockdown, I’m turning my attention to my fountain pen collection (first I have to clean them out, as they’ve gone unused for a couple of years and still have ink in them, tsk tsk). A good chance to work on my hand lettering! And to me, your anemone seems like a symbol of resolute hardiness, of getting through things in spite of it all.

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  13. Anenomes. One of my favourites. Thank you for sharing.

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  14. Going Batty in Wales

    Lovely to see all the signs of spring and to know that you are getting your vases out again. My garden is keeping me sane too.

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  15. My garden is my salvation now. I love your little ink well vase, it’s a real treat to find something like that, buried for decades and now with new purpose. Anemones were my Grandmother’s favourite flower.

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    • Yes I love finding little bits of treasure like that. I have discovered that the anemone was one I grew from seed, it didn’t flower last year, and I thought that none of the ones I had grown had survived, so it is a lovely surprise.


  16. Your beautiful pink anemone inspires me to dig out some pink fabrics for the last row of my Anemone hexie quilt…

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