Textile Tuesday: Chindi

slow stitching on chindi rags

This is one of my samples to go on April’s page of the Stitchbook I am making, as I follow Helen Birmingham’s wonderful guidelines.

This month’s kit is a particular delight.The Stitchbook Collective, April

And includes a small piece of Chindi rugchindi rug, rags

Pulling out the fabric pieces and ironing them is like finding treasure


all those disparate patterns, all harmonising together


The serendipity of finding the patterns within the rug intrigued me so much I bought another by mail order

chindi rug

and found these patterns inside

chindi rug scraps

Very different but no less exciting. I am going to have fun stitching on these.

I am loving this 12 month course, each month offers new techniques and ideas. Each kit is still available in Helen’s shop.

Do you have any textile adventures to share with us this month?

Please leave a link in the comments to your Textile posts – current posts or archive are all welcome.


39 responses to “Textile Tuesday: Chindi

  1. Fascinating patterns hidden within the rug!

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  2. Lovely fabrics! I love mixed packs of sari silk for the same reason, treasure!

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  4. ❤️❤️❤️ the fabrics and floss you used in these examples! Have seen the rugs but had no idea they had a name, or such glorious fabrics inside!

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  5. Here’s a retro post all about wardrobe textiles: https://wp.me/p2ynvT-1oT
    Looking at the photos at the top of the post, two of the fabrics in the smaller photos (not the pile of sweaters) – the red and dark green check – are still in my stash. Oops. . . 🙄

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  6. I like your sample very much. To me it looks like a meadow of grasses and flowers blowing in the summer wind.

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  7. Oh, my! Beautiful.

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  8. Sooooo creative, Sandra!

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  9. I love how you have stitched your sample. Here is the link to my post today.

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  11. Going Batty in Wales

    That sounds like a really lovely adventure in textiles.

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  12. ps. may I share this post on Twitter please? It’s so evocative, and such a great way to promote her.

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  13. that’s wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing, and also for sharing her shop I’m off for a browse.

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  14. Your stitched sample is really interesting and beautiful. I wish I was better at stitching and could do such things. Must be really fun!

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  15. Ooh, I’ve got one of those rugs. I like it as a rug though and nobody can say I haven’t already got enough fabric to play with 😁 I shall live vicariously through your unravellings.

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  16. Someone once sent me a parcel and it was padded out with scraps of fabric instead of bubble wrap. A lovely idea, and no harm to our planet! Such fun, isn’t it, to play with some new supplies?

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