Happy Easter Vase on Monday

narcissi, candle, Easter Monday

Happy Easter Monday Everyone!

What a blessing a garden is at any time, but most particularly at this staying-at-home time. I give huge thanks every day.

And look who I discovered in mine yesterday, a very welcome resident

slow worm

I put the photo onto our family WhatsApp group for the children to guess what it is and to give him or her a name. At his second guess, Big Bro got it right and decided it was a male called Walley.

Having found this description on the internet:

“The slowworm is much smaller than a snake and has smooth, golden-grey skin. Males are paler in colour and sometimes sport blue spots, while females are larger, with dark sides and a dark stripe down the back.
Average lifespan: up to 20 years
Length: 40-50cm”
I think it might be a female, although it doesn’t have a stripe down its back. Amazed to see that they can live up to 20 years.
I am very happy to see her, but wish she would eat more slugs as I am finding masses of the little blighters munching away at my irises and hostas.
My daughter and her children brought me a wonderful food box full of delicious goodies from a local vegetarian cafe called ‘Feed The Soul
feed the soul, health in a box
The box included some delicious cakes, and drinks, boxed mixed salad meals and chia pudding – health in a box YumYum!!!
The children had picked the flowers for me from their field of scented narcissi. My daughter calls herself a beginner gardener and you can follow her progress on her Instagram Page – @newgatenarcissi

You might like to see the fun we had with the narcissi last year – here

This year is different.

How are you doing during this time of lockdown?

So far, I’m loving it. It feels like a gift to me. Time for quiet crafting and gardening with very few interruptions.

I feel extremely fortunate that I have a garden and neighbours who wander past and stop for a chat every now and then. They are all at home, so a close feeling of community is building like never before. It feels like it must have felt about 100 years ago. Everyone working in their gardens or on DIY projects – there seems to be always a power tool whirring away somewhere in the village.

My daughter lives just across the field from me, so she can come over with the children and we can have a catch up across the lawn.

It would feel very different if any of my children were in danger, out there on the front line. Or if any of my family or close friends contracted the virus. But for now the best thing I can do is stay at home alone and I am more than happy with that.

I do hope you found a satisfying way to celebrate Easter and wish you and your families and friends all the very best in the weeks and months to come.

Easter Monday. In a vase on Monday

Joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a Vase on Monday


Cee’s Flower of the Day


Stay Safe

Stay at Home


44 responses to “Happy Easter Vase on Monday

  1. Lovely, very similar to our experience, we’ve enjoyed lots of gardening and safe time at home. My children loved your photo of the slow worm, my son plans on looking up more info on it tomorrow.

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    • I have only just found your comment, sorry it has taken so long to answer it. I have some waste black plastic in the garden that I use to suppress the weeds. I can uaually find a slowworm under it. A dustbin lid might work as well.


  2. I love your simple arrangement – it sounds like you had a good easter and it’s great that your daughter is close. I’m also gardening, crafting and taking photos/writing. I’ve picked tulips for my vase this week. They lift my spirits.
    take care

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    • Hello Bec! I am so sorry to have taken so long to answer this comment – it somehow slipped through the net. Time is playing strange games at the moment!
      I hope you are still enjoying your garden and crafting.
      Stay safe and well.


  3. Beautiful narcissi and arrangements. We too have had a vegetarian food box delivered, thank goodness. We have had difficulty getting fresh supplies as we cannot go out here. All the best. Karen x

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    • I think you are in the UK, but not sure where. I am glad to know you can get delivieries. Stay safe Karen. ❤

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      • It’s been very tricky, but finally I’ve found a local catering company that usually does weddings. I’m in the Midlands. Keeping safe. Not going out, just pottering back and forth from the greenhouse to the potting shed. Keep safe. Karen xx


  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Lovely Easter vase I think the community spirit is coming back in many places. Something hopeful for sure.

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  5. Kris Peterson

    Your Easter spread is wonderful on all counts! The leg-less lizard is new to me (I noted that its range doesn’t include the US). I’d love to have a lizard that eats snails and slugs – raccoons provide that service here but I expect they’re much more destructive in other regards than your lizard. My garden is the sanity-saver here. Both my husband and I are keeping busy with garden-related projects but I do miss seeing and hugging friends and supply-chain issues continue to frustrate me here.

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    • Yes, marauding raccoons would be much less welcome!
      I know what you mean about ‘supply-chain issues’. We have suffered from lots of panic buying, stock-piling and hoarding, which has created shortages where there is no need for them. Grrr!


  6. That looks so effective Sandra, and what a cheery vase for a lockdown Easter. Very exciting to have a slow-worm in the garden – I hope he hangs around and eats lots of slugs! Your box of goodies must have been a nice surprise for you and having your family within close proximity like this must make the lockdown more bearable for all of you

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  7. Lovely photos, Sandra, especially the narcissi, which I only seem to see in photos down here. Such cute little egg cups! So glad you are able to continue talking with neighbours and working out in your garden. Stay safe!

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  8. Love your beautiful daffodils!

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  9. Lovely flowers and arrangements. Very nice to read that all is well with you and yours, and that your village is humming with busy life. As for the slow worm. I have a snake phobia, so…;)

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  10. A lovely artful arrangement…I’ve only seen male slowworms so far this spring, three different ones around the garden…the girls must be hiding along the no go side of the house….Cats are the worst predators here.

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    • Thank you Noelle.
      I’m not sure I would be able to tell the difference beteeen male and female, unless the males are markedly smaller.
      We mercifully do not have too many cats around.
      (Far too many dogs though! )


  11. What a lovely ‘vase’ for Easter! I also have to admit that the lockdown isn‘t really bothering me and I am enjoying my garden more than ever. But I am sad that my parents are not allowed to spend time with family and go on their usual little jaunts to nurseries and gardens. I haven’t seen any slowworms in our new garden yet, but luckily we don’t seem to have any slugs or snails either. Grass snakes, hares and mice in abundance though! Have fun in your garden Sandra!

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  12. Going Batty in Wales

    I know there are slow worms in the garden but sadly only see them when I found one that has been killed by something. I am not finding the lockdown much of a problem though I miss being able to meet up with friends for a coffee or lunch occasionally. Two of my daughter-in-law’s family have had covid 19 and one is still in hospital but both are on the mend. It was a scary few days whilst they were really ill. It makes me even more determined to stay home and be sensible.

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  13. Lockdown is definitely bringing the gardeners out of the woodwork. When i walked Mouse this morning, every single bin at the kerb (it’s dustbin day) was filled with prunings, palm fronts, grass clippings, old pots, etc, and there’s a permanent whine of line trimmers, mowers, hedge clippers, etc. As someone who’s normally at home anyway, it’s really quite noisy out there! I think the neighbourhood is going to look rather smart when all this is over.

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  14. It sounds as if you have relaxed in to the lockdown which is the best way to be, if you can. I feel the same apart from occasionally worrying about my two daughters over in the U.K. but they are being sensible and Dorset, as you know, is faring better than a lot of places.

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    • It must feel different when you are in different countries.
      I’m glad that they are being sensible.
      My son and his family live in London which is a bit scary, but at least they are on the outskirts.
      Yes, I am always pleased to see that the South West is at the bottom of the graph that shows how many ICU beds are occupied.
      Although after this weekend when far too many seem to have travelled to Devon and Dorset to their second homes, I fear for the figures rising in about a month’s time.


  15. oh, I love a slow worm. how wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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  16. Very Eastery display!

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