Silly Saturday: Zoom

The Shelbys are having a Zoom meeting ……..  now don’t all talk at once!

shell art, in the time of Covid 19

Coronavirus has hit Shelbyville

None of the residents wanted to get ill

It was with some resistance

They had to social distance

Yet they found they could communicate still!


All of them had the Zoom App installed

So during lockdown they wouldn’t feel ignored

They could chat every day

Sing songs, dance and play

No chance of them getting bored!


At 9 every day it’s keep fit

With the Aliens it’s become quite a hit

With their yoga and gym

They keep themselves trim

They are not the type to just sit!


Maggie and Shelma miss going to town

All the shops they love have closed down

But the girls are not stopping

They now do internet shopping

They’re the most glamourous Shelbys around!


Sandy misses Shelma whom he dated

His love for her is unabated

He keeps the romance blooming

With lots of daily Zooming

Most of it is very X-Rated!


poem by Judy E. Martin

photo by Sandra Dorey

There might be some of you who have not met the Shelbys before, here are a few links

Meet Maggie, the Pole Dancer      Maggie    More Maggie    Meet the Family        Meet Shelma      Shelma and Sandy       Sandy

It feels so good to team up with Judy once again. She is a frontline worker as a nurse and I am full of admiration for her. I was delighted when she said she could find the time to create one of her fabulous poems to go with the photo.

Many thanks for the work you do Judy and thank you so very much for sharing your humour and poetry with us.




32 responses to “Silly Saturday: Zoom

  1. Great post fabulous to see you and Judy working together again 💜

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  2. Thanks to both of you for the smiles. 🙂

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  3. Those Shelbys, they are not a family to take things lying down! I’m glad they have discovered Zoom!

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  4. Delighted to see the Shelbys again, and know they’re doing well! 😆

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  5. Fun to have the Shelbys back. Best to Judy.

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  6. Glad to see your Shelby’s meeting up! 🙂

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  7. It was such fun working together again with the shells. X

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  8. Great for making us smile!

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  9. Going Batty in Wales

    I haven’t met the Shelbys before but they are great and a lovely poem!

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  10. Oh we haven’t seen the Shelbys for some time, Sandra, and it’s good to see such a creative family again – thank you to both of you for making this possible and bringing a smile 😁

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  11. I have logged myself out. This is so clever again. You and me both. Me for getting logged out, you for creating The Shelbys. Trying to log in now via Twitter! Deb in Wales

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