In a Vase on Monday: Pink, White and Grey

in a vase on Monday, crochet doily

The colour combination that is floating my creative boat at the moment is pink, white and grey.

In the vases (two jam jars and an old Victorian ink pot) are Stacchys, a white perennial wallflower with a delicious scent, red campions and a pink geranium.

The crocheted doily is from a pattern by Zoya Matyushenko – oh I do love her patterns – but oh boy! you do have to concentrate very hard when making them. This one is Birgitta and has yet to be blocked. I am thinking of putting it on a wire hoop to hang on the wall.

I used a 3mm hook and Junaluna gradient yarn, which is a 3ply cotton and not the easiest to work with, but it looks fabulous and it so wonderfully soft, it would be gorgeous for a shawl.

I am joining Cathy as she gathers lilacs from her gardentoday, with lots of other locked down gardeners from all over the world – and what a wonderfully colourful lot we all are, to be sure.


25 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Pink, White and Grey

  1. Beautiful doily and I can smell the colours from here!


  2. A beautiful combination of colors, one that I would not have thought of. Yet another example of the world of blogging expanding my horizons.

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    That doily must have been quite a challenge but well worth it. The colours are lovely.

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  4. These shades are lovely, and what luck you had a crochet piece in the same colours to display them! Red campions are just beginning to flower here too… summer is on the way!

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  5. You’ve crocheted a galah! Do google it and see; silly birds, but such gorgeous colours!

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    Lovely as always

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  7. Your doily is definitely reminiscent of a marshmallow and I would never have guessed! Your little trio of vases is very sweet – I have campion again this year after a year off, and I do like to see it even though it is very generous in its self-seeding! Thanks for sharing

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  8. That is a stunning piece of crochet and the colours are beautiful.

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  9. Kris Peterson

    I love the color mix! The flowers and foliage complement your doily perfectly.

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  10. Looks lovely, but use it as you are doing now, so pretty.

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  11. Pretty doily. Especially so in the gradient yarn. You do like your gradient yarns. ๐Ÿ™‚

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