Textile Tuesday: Tyvek

Is anyone else losing track of the days, weeks, months?!

Here just one week late is Textile Tuesday


In The Stitchbook Collective we have been having fun with Tyvek.

Each month we get a pack of goodies to experiment with

The Stitchbook Collective

It is always a wonderfully exciting moment to open the parcel to see what is inside


Colours I would not usually choose to work with, all carefully chosen and lovingly put together. The kits are still available if you go to the Untangled Threads website, and a pound from the sale of each kit goes to the mental health charity, Mind. So far Helen has raised and donated £2,489.50.

Tyvek is a synthetic fabric that reacts to heat



Creating great bobbly textures

This one was painted with a tester pot of Dulux emulsion before hitting it with the heat gun

painted tyvek and heat gun

Here is the piece of fabric collage I will put on a page in my stitchbook

textile collage

Now onto the next parcel to open, which is all about felt.

Have you been working with textiles or found any interesting textiles or textile art recently? If so it would be fun to see what has caught your eye in the world of textiles. Just leave a link in the Comments.



33 responses to “Textile Tuesday: Tyvek

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  2. I’m a bit behind with my workshops, so here’s my Image Transfer samples; https://thecraftycreek.com/2020/05/14/stitchbook-collective/

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  4. oversized squished up bubblegum on pavements…but then another picture where you’ve cut it up, just weird alien parts. Nevermind on the finished picture it all comes together.

    Not much in the way of textiles here this last few weeks (err not sure if which week or what day) Like you, I heard we had been locked down (in New Zealand) nearly 8 weeks and I thought…wow, that’s 2 months! Whatever have I been doing…

    Rather I bought an acrylic paint kit years ago, so that what I’ve been doing – working with unfamiliar mediums and different varieties of paint AND then paper busting – layers of all kinds of papers and machine stitched down…

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  6. ❤️❤️ the colours in this month’s packet, and that you combined them with blue makes them both sparkle. “Tyvek” is what I see in huge letters on all the DIY house projects we have here on telly. So this usage from that manufacturer is fascinating! As it happened, last Tuesday I did write a bit about fabrics, but forgot to add your Textile Tuesday tag – remedied now. (Short link to post: https://wp.me/p2ynvT-2Tw) Stay safe, Lovely❣️

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  7. I was dazzled by the gold colors, but of course blue is my favorite. 😉

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  8. Ooh, exciting, that’s my next box to tackle, I love the collage you made with it.

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  9. I’m afraid I saw animal organs too, even before I got down to the comments. I had some success mentally reframing them as clusters of soap bubbles, so maybe not so disturbing! It’s an interesting texture, maybe if it was constrained by a very geometric structure the bubbling would make more sense to me…

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    • Very interesting! I am looking at the samples with new eyes since the comments – I just LOVE my blogging buddies for giving me those opportunities to see things afresh.
      I have had fun doing the experiments, but really wondered if I would want to use Tyvek in any pieces of textile art. Some people have used them as rocks and pebbles in a beach scape, but I like to be a bit more abstract.

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  10. Going Batty in Wales

    What an interesting material! I love the gold colours.

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  11. I had never hear of that – and what potential. Thank you

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  12. Interesting fabric. Not the same at all but it reminded me of the pleasure I used to get when painting silk pictures – you’d dab a little on and it would spread into the fabric and look totally different to the ‘blob’ you’d dabbed. Look forward to seeing more textile creations.

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  13. I have still to open that box- when I saw all the extras I needed, I knew I couldn’t do it because they were all in boxes ready for the move. I shall be having a fun summer. Nice collage. Brains indeed, you just can’t get the right bloggers these days!! Sorry I’ve not got a post for you this month, hopefully next month!

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    • HaHa!!! Yes, brains – I was wondering if I could go that route with another piece of textile collage, but I fear it would all become too gruesome. Maybe for Halloween?
      It must be so frustrating for you to have your crafty stuff in boxes – so near yet so far. And yes! what fun you will have unpacking everything.

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      • A halloween costume would be perfect. Honestly I am glad I didn’t open the boxes. I tried the visible darning and was just not feeling the vibe with all the stress of everything. Now I have it all to look forward too. The house now resembles an obstacle course with my full boxes everywhere in large towers and Mr E’s half packed boxes sorting things as he goes- we have such different ways of tackling the packing. The only room looking like a room is the kitchen. I can’t get in the spare room I shared a pic of last week, till I can move some of the boxes out, which needs floor space. How we are both remaining so good tempered I don’t know. I think knowing that next week the removers will come and they will just take everything any old how is quite a spur to action! Slowly empting my pots and flower tubs outside for my Vitamin D intake, always nice to sit on a doorstep and have a moment to myself.

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        • The way you are staying so positive throughout the months of uncertainty is truly inspirational. I absolutely love your ability to accept what is and go with the flow. I will be hanging out the virtual bunting for you when your moving day arrives. xx

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          • Thanks- I worry I sound grumpy sometimes! Four moving days! The house is beginning to smell of bleach- I want the removal chaps to know I have done my utmost to keep them safe- maybe then nothing will get broken. I know we are fine- number of times Mr E takes his temperature, and if I have cough, well. … But they need to feel that I as a customer take their H&S seriously. The hardest night will be day two when we are in the new house minus furniture trying to sleep on cushions! We have a folding bed for Mr E- I think the sofas cushions will be more comfy. In some ways I am glad we didn’t move just before lockdwon when shelves were bare, at least we are coming through a bit now. Strange we moved here at the end of foot and mouth and now move at Covid -19. I think we shall have to stop moving.

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            • Four moving days!!!! That sounds like a marathon. That night (Day2)will be tough, but I know you will come through with good humour. Don’t foget to keep the kettle in the car so that you can make a cup of tea. Yes, please stop moving you obviously cause waves and schisms and chaos!
              Much love Cathy. And I’m crossing everything that all will go smoothly.


  14. These are bizarre looking things but super interesting – the parcels look like wonderful little surprises too. I like your final fabric collage, that teal and gold work perfectly together.

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  15. Those heat affected pieces of cloth at the top look rather disgusting; make me think of brains. 🙂 Glad to see you are having fun.

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