Sunset Blanket

Attic 24 Dahlia CAL. Dorset Dahlias

Oh such a happy photo!

And look at us all so close together – seems light years away doesn’t it.

This was taken on the beach on a windy Sunday in February this year – hard to believe.

We are a group of Attic24 fans who all live in Dorset and we had gathered together at West Bay, Lucy’s old stamping ground, for crochet and a cuppa. It was in those heady days of Dahlia mania as thousands of crocheters all over the world were busy making Lucy’s annual Crochet Along – this year inspired by dahlias.

I used Stylecraft Special Double Knit and a 4.5mm hook.

You can still buy Lucy’s Colour Pack at Wool Warehouse.

I followed some of Lucy’s Colourwash colour order but substituted colours to make it more ‘Sunset’. I reduced the number of sections for each colour to 3 in order to get it fading from dark to light to dark to light to dark.

Attic24 Dahlia CAL, crochet blanket

Colour order as follows:

Each colour is 2 rows of crochet

Foundation chain and rows 1 and 2: Claret

Rows 3 and 4: Lipstick

Rows 5 and 6: Claret

Rows 7 and 8: Lipstick

Rows 9 and 10: Tomato

Rows 11 and 12: Lipstick

Rows 13 and 14: Tomato

Rows 15 and 16: Spice

Rows 17 and 18: Tomato

Rows 19 and 20: Spice

Rows 21 and 22: Sunshine

Rows 23 and 24: Spice

Rows 25 and 26: Sunshine

Rows 27 and 28: Apricot

Rows 29 and 30: Sunshine

Rows 31 and 32: Apricot

Rows 33 and 34: Powder Pink

Rows 35 and 36: Apricot

Rows 37 and 38: Powder Pink

Rows 39 and 40: Blush

Rows 41 and 42: Powder Pink

Rows 43 and 44: Blush

Rows 45 and 46: Shrimp

Rows 47 and 48: Blush

Rows 49 and 50: Shrimp

Rows 51 and 52: Pomegranate

Rows 53 and 54: Shrimp

Rows 55 and 56: Pomegranate

Rows 57 and 58: Fondant

Rows 59 and 60: Pomegranate

Rows 61 and 62: Fondant

Rows 63 and 64: Magenta

Rows 65 and 66: Fondant

Rows 67 and 68: Magenta

Rows 69 and 70: Boysenberry

Rows 71 and 72: Magenta

Rows 73 and 74: Boysenberry

Rows 75 and 76: Plum

Rows 77 and 78: Boysenberry

Rows 79 and 80: Plum

Rows 81 and 82: Claret

Rows 83 and 84: Plum

Rows 85 and 86: Claret

Rows 87 and 88: Lipstick

Rows 89 and 90: Claret

Rows 91 and 92: Lipstick

Rows 93 and 94: Tomato

Rows 95 and 96: Lipstick

Rows 97 and 98: Tomato

Rows 99 and 100: Pomegranate

Rows 101 and 102: Tomato

Rows 103 and 104: Pomegranate

Rows 105 and 106: Shrimp

Rows 107 and 108: Pomegranate

Rows 109 and 110: Shrimp

Rows 111 and 112: Blush

Rows 113 and 114: Shrimp

Rows 115 and 116: Blush

Rows 117 and 118: Apricot

Rows 119 and 120: Blush

Rows 121 and 122: Apricot

Rows 123 and 124: Saffron

Rows 125 and 126: Apricot

Rows 127 and 128: Saffron

Rows 129 and 130: Sunshine

Rows 131 and 132: Saffron

Rows 133 and 134: Sunshine

Rows 135 and 136: Spice

Rows 137 and 138: Sunshine

Rows 139 and 140: Spice

Rows 141 and 142: Tomato

Rows 143 and 144: Spice

Rows 145 and 146: Tomato

Rows 147 and 148: Lipstick

Rows 149 and 150: Tomato

Rows 151 and 152: Lipstick

Rows 153 and 154: Claret

Rows 155 and 156: Lipstick

Rows 157 and 158: Claret

Attic24 Dahlia Cal

Next on the to do list – the edging.


29 responses to “Sunset Blanket

  1. sooo beautiful! i absolutely love the color co-ordination👍🏽 very unique! thanks for sharing, have a great day!!☺️

    follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested☺️It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍


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  3. Beautiful, I’d love to meet up with other Attic 24 crochet fans.. gorgeous blankets.

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  4. Now you have a guaranteed beautiful sunset every day!

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  5. what a stunning effect your blanket is…and yes those heady days where we all could “group up” and maybe even throw in a “hug or two”… it will come again.

    I’m in New Zealand, and just yesterday we arrived at Level 1, where social distancing is now “our choice” not one laid down by a gov’t regulation. Although, we appear to have eliminated it from within our small islands…we have NOT opened up our borders to tourists etc. That may well be our undoing n the future.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I was only thinking about you all in New Zealand yesterday, thinking how are you going to keep NZ as a Covid Free Zone. Quite a task for a year or more until a vaccine is widely available.
      I admire your PM so much and if anyone can do it she can!

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    That is one happy sunset blanket😎

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  7. Joy, joy, happy, happy!

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  8. It looks stunning in the last photo

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  9. Going Batty in Wales

    A lovely photo of fabulous blankets and such a joyful gathering! I love your colour choice. A friend recently made an attic 24 blanket from a kit which she was given as a present. IT is beautiful but I would have had to play around with the colours as you did – I want my creations to be unique and reflect me not someone else so kits are not for me! And I can’t grow dahlias either!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wonderful. I do like your idea of sunset and you always have a good way of arranging colours.

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  11. We didn’t know what we had back in the Winter did we. Love the sunset in yarn.

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  12. I love dahlias – but so do the slugs . I had a look at Lucy’s blog about this blanket and was transported by the photos of the gorgeous blooms and how she came up with her colour choices. I am sorely tempted. I really enjoyed making her Hydrangea blanket for which she also wrote a lovely post about her colour choices. Noooo! I really don’t need another blanket.

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    • What with slugs, earwigs and having to bring them in over winter, dahlias are too high maintenance for me, if they had a scent. I might be more tempted to bother.
      I know the draw of another blanket, a new colour palette or an intriguing pattern are such a pull – I am trying not to start any new crochet projects until I have made further inroads into my box of WIPs.
      Good luck with the resistance!


  13. Oooh, what a beautiful effect shading the colours that way! 🙂

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  14. It‘s lovely! A friend of mine has just completed her colourwash version. Those colours are beautiful and have inspired me to try growing dahlias this year!

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