World Yarn Bombing Day 2020

Yes Really!

crochet mandala, Zoya Matyushenko, Tuuli

I only know because Eleonora of Coastal Crochet has written a wonderful blog post about it.

So, although I have not made a new piece especially, I thought I would join in with my mandala that I made in July 2019 especially to hang up outside.

It was hanging on my garage wall opposite my front door last year, but this year I put it on one of the posts that supports my espalier pears as a sort of rainbow homage to all our carers during this time of Covid19. It now faces the road.

One of my (possibly short-sighted) neighbours asked me why I had hung a dartboard on my fence!

It went up in April

crochet mandala for the garden

and sits beside the bug hotel

mandala, garden art, bug hotel

which is decaying nicely.

The bug hotel (there since 2013) is usually hidden from view, but I cut back the shrubs surrounding it in the hope that the forsythia and golden privet will bulk up as they regrow. You can see it from the other side in this post.

The mandala pattern is called Tuuli, by Zoya Matyushenko, made with Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.5mm hook and attached to a 70cm metal ring.

Have you ever done any Yarn Bombing?

If you fancy joining in, you can tag your bomb on Instagram, #worldyarnbombingday2020

Happy hooking!


36 responses to “World Yarn Bombing Day 2020

  1. I love the idea of a yarny dartboard! Did you make the bug hotel yourself? I was gifted a solitary bee house last year on Mother’s Day, I have saved it for our new home, but we’ve not put it out yet.

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  2. World Wide Knit in Public Day – June 13th – a number of groups in my region are meeting at various places. But then again there are a lot of regular meetings in the world out of the house anyway…

    Love the neighbours’ comment!

    this a few years ago…a big project. With lots of the pieces coming from around the world.

    and a friend of mine was the lead artist – designer for this project, Alison Milne. It was interesting because the locals were invited to help…then later, it was refreshed, again by new locals now living there. And another interesting thing was the actual construction company up there, assisted with dressing the tree…not like usual yarn bombing which appears out of the mists of dawn /randomly added

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  3. Never bombed with yarn, but what caught my eye was your espalier pear. We were going to try that with a peach but it got ahead of us, so will just be a regular tree. Your pear looks magnificent, as does your Mandela!

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    • Thank you Kathy, I am quite proud of my pears, I wasn’t sure if I would gt it right. I had a very good crop last year but could only eat about a third as they got codling moth. There is a good crop this year as well, fingers crossed.

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  4. A happy mandala. I saw some old hula hoops in a charity shop last year and should have bought them for mandalas!

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  5. I love the idea of yarn bombing – I know there are trees in the town centre ‘pleasure grounds’ of our nearby town that have been embellished with patchwork knitting, and one of the WIs have bombed the centre with kniited poppies for Remembrance and angels at Christmas

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  6. What a beauty! However, that dartboard comment made me chuckle. Doesn’t look like that at all to me.

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  7. That is so pretty. What a lovely idea to hang it on view. I think it makes people happy to see it (who said a dartboard?!).

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  8. What a great idea, Sandra. Your mandala is lovely, and a great message of hope to send out into the world. ❀

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  9. That’s gorgeous hanging in the garden! Much prettier than a dart board.

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  10. How lovely!! Would have loved to participate, but we’re banned from putting anything up anywhere except on our doors – it’s in the lease agreements. 🀬

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  11. Thanks for drawing my attention to yarn bombing day. I love your colourful mandala.

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  13. Going Batty in Wales

    A lovely idea!

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  14. i did laugh at your neighbour’s comment.

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  15. That mandala is just perfect!! 😍

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